Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 90

Woo!  90 days!  I'm working a turnaround, so I'm going to make this quick.

On to the menu!
Breakfast was the same as yesterday.

Lunch was...a sausage.  Because I'm lazy.


I had leftover Vietnamese lettuce cups.  So tasty, but I did miss the pickled carrot, no matter what my husband says.

Amanda reminded me to take the picture.

Watermelon for dessert.  Tastes like summer.

I was pretty full the rest of the evening, but I ate this around 8pm.

When I got home I had some dates.  Why?  Because I really wanted cookies and this seemed less evil.

Sweet like candy, soothes my soul.
When I left the hospital last time I left behind my Magic 8 Ball.  I used to keep it by the phone, so when I would get frustrating calls I could consult it for the answer to the problem.  It was sometimes very, very funny.  I thought it was lost in the move, but one of the techs kept it.  It was in my brand new locker when I got to work yesterday, and I thought that was pretty fucking cool.

Was coming back the right choice?
It is decidedly so.

And now that I've pumped myself full of drugs, I'm going to finish watching the Daily Show and go to sleep.  Tomorrow is Technology Day.  What fun.

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