Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 85

Today was a weird one.  I got up and went to the gym (instead of mysteriously becoming unconscious again) for some mobility.  It was painful.  Again.  But I felt better after, which is the point.  I made it home to cook breakfast and get my stuff together before work.

Most of today went fine, except for the couple of inevitable fires.  The inferno I was expecting seems to have petered out a bit, which is fine.  Still some stuff hanging onto the last-minute tree, but it's mostly low hanging fruit.  I had my eval today, which is always weird for me.  I feel like I do a good job, and I know I'm a competent clinician, but it's strange to sit in a room with your boss and have him tell you what he thinks of you.  Today I was told that I am a "gifted clinician".  That's a pretty cool feeling, especially since I'm on the way out the door and it would have been easy for him to torpedo me.  So, yay and stuff.

I made sure to let the boss man know that if I was "gifted" at my job it was at least in part due to the amazing support staff in the office.  It's easy to make things appear as if by magic when you work with the Compounding Whisperers.

On to the Menu!
I made breakfast!  Lazy whores of the world rejoice!  Banana pancakes and bacon with a teeny bit of maple.  Once you get the hang of this one it comes together really quickly.  You can have from scratch pancakes in less than 5 minutes.  Winning.
Belly full.

Lunch at the cafeteria today was my favorite.  MEAT SALAD!!  Well, technically it's called "Black and Blue Salad" and comes with blue cheese crumbles and crispy fried onions.  I don't get that stuff, but I do get double meat.  One of my favorite things in the world is to stand behind a whip thin dietician in the lunch line and right after she orders a "half salad", say "I'll have the full salad, please, and DOUBLE MEAT!" because the lunch line people seriously look at me like I've grown a second head.  I'm a big woman.  I eat big.  And I love meat (that's what she said).
The white stuff is horseradish sauce.

I had a couple of clementines in the afternoon.
He's just a wittle guy.

I got a call from our puppy breeder today.  She'd like to match us up with a female puppy instead of the male we were originally slated for.  She said that based on our family and our needs that the little girl would be a better fit-more of a people pleaser, more affectionate, and more easily trainable.  These are all good things.  I told her we had no objection to the switch, so on 4/5 at noon we'll pick up our new family member. We just have to decide on a name.  Lucinda (Jack Daniel's mother) or Finetta (his favorite sister).  Decisions, decisions.  

I got home this evening and figured I'd eat leftover paleo pizza for dinner, but I ended up making faux Shamrock Shakes instead.  I was mostly just fooling around, but after drinking one I was so full I couldn't eat anything.  The original recipe wasn't quite green enough.  If I'm eating mint, I want that shit to be greeeeeeen.  Technicolor green.  So I stuffed a big handful of spinach in the blender and voila!  Shamrock Shake.
Maybe next time more spinach for more green.

This was sooooooo gooooooood.  Minty sweet and creamy.  Perfect.

I went to the gym for the reveal of the next Open workout.  It's a beast.  I'll go tomorrow and do my best, because what else can you do?  Tonight I'll hit the sack early and get some good sleep.  I'm also hoping to hit hip hop yoga tomorrow night if all goes well at the office.  One more day in the office, two more days on call (three if you count today), then it's back to the hospital on Monday.  

Overall, life is pretty damn good.  

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