Friday, March 21, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 86

Another active Friday!  Went to the box this morning and did a pretty extensive warm-up, then rowed 60 calories and got thisclose to toes to bar.  Never quite made it, though.  Did plenty of cursing.  I may give it another go on Monday-we'll see how my hands feel.

Work today was super weird.  It was my last day in the office and things were rolling along pretty smoothly, then we went to get some chow and when we came back?  The whole world was burning down.  Holy cats it was busy this afternoon!  We pulled it off in style, though, to many accolades from the transitional care coordinators and nurses.  It feels good to know you got your shit together right.  Everyone benefits.

This morning was pretty nice, weather-wise, so we went for a quick walk to break up the day.  It was nice to get some air, and I'm always up for a little movement.  After work I met my husband for hot yoga (hip hop music included!) and had an hour long session of deep stretching followed by drinks at S.A.L.T

I had a seltzer with lime.  Because that's how I roll.

On to the menu!
I had a banana on the way to the gym.

Breakfast was at the cafeteria because I barely had enough time to shower up and make it out the door. The WOD ran long and I didn't get home until 6:50.  I will say one thing for the hospital cafeteria, they make it easy to put together a Paleo breakfast.
Took me almost 2 hours to eat it....

Lunch was on the technicians for my last day, which was really nice of them and completely unnecessary.  
Fajitas with guac, no sides.

The afternoon flew by with my phone going bonkers and 157 instant messages popping up in the middle of my work.  That really fucks up my zone, but I'd rather IM than voicemail.  I hate voicemail.  I never had the chance to eat a snack, which was ultimately fine as I snarfed a RxBar on the way to yoga.  After yoga we joined some other couples for a drink, but we had to bail so I could do some work stuff, plus we needed dinner and shit is expensive at S.A.L.T.  

I need to find out if that's a real acronym or just some pretentious bullshit.  My money is on pretentious bullshit.

At home my leftover "pizza" was calling to me.  This reheated beautifully in the toaster oven and was actually more pizza-like today than when it was fresh.  Has to be reheated, though.  It would be fucking awful cold.  This one was pepperoni and green olive.
I heart this.

On the whole, today was good.  I'm going to head in tomorrow to finish up some documentation and make sure I have all my stuff before clearing out.  My husband is going to the in-laws to retrieve the spawn, so our nice quiet week is coming to a close.  It was nice.  I'm not sure I missed the children.  There wasn't time to miss them, really.  Too much other shit going on.  Tomorrow I need to get some home made mac and cheese together for the smalls and wrap the boys' gifts for their birthday.  I might have to come up with a birthday treat, too.  There will likely be chocolate chip pancakes on Sunday.

My little babies are 4.  Wow.

14 years left.  Not that I'm counting.

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