Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blogging 2015: 278 down, 1737 to go

My work week is starting out with a bang.  Or maybe a *hork* as P is barfing.  I feel bad for the kid. Today was birthday snack day at school (next week is Spring break on their actual birthday) and C got to go and get a birthday crown and the whole class singing Happy Birthday to him.

I'm not a sympathetic barfer (well, not since having kids) but cleaning up chunky puke still causes the bile to rise in the back of my throat.  We have several hospital basins that live in various parts of the house and if anyone feels pukey there is a mandatory bucket carrying policy.  P violated that when he got up to go to the bathroom without it. I threw away all the clothes he was wearing and the towel I used to clean up.  *hork* 

Today started uneventfully.  P landed in my bed during the night and I woke up to him holding my hand, which was sweet. He snores.  Early in the morning C joined us. He's a good snuggler when he wants to be as he's a little spider monkey.  He can wiggle into small places and odd shapes and I often wake to him pressing his little face against mine. I can't believe these two are about to be 5 years old. Seems like yesterday I was a 247lb sub-continent with intractable heartburn and a serious Slurpee addiction.

I considered going to the box for mobility this morning, but since I didn't get to run yesterday I figured I'd take the opportunity to get a mid-distance run in. I ate a fairly sizeable breakfast in anticipation of this.

Food groupy.

Fantastic husband took the boys to the Y for bounce house day and I went out for 10k. The temperature was close to ideal at around 40 degrees, but the wind was high. I had a couple of moments of "Why? Why meeeeee? Why nooooowwwww?" but overall it was a nice run and I kept up a decent pace throughout.

I love this orange shirt. It's so soft.

I made lunch for the kids, P vomited, and that was that for the day.  Housebound. Good thing I ran early. I had leftover cilantro chicken and rice for lunch. Nice and carby.

We used to make this all the time when the kids were little.

So for the rest of the afternoon I waited for a small child to barf. Parenting is so exciting. Once the other kids were home from school I did try to grab a nap. I managed a couple of hours.  I stayed up late last night in anticipation of napping this afternoon for 4+ hours. Best laid plans. I do feel bad for the dog as she's cooped up a lot when the kids are barfing for two reasons: 1. She's super bouncy and the last thing a barfy kid needs is to get bounced on and 2. I don't want her to eat the vomit.  Fantastic husband took her for a long walk earlier and they are walking again so she gets some exercise.

Dinner tonight was crispy noodles and chicken/veggie stir fry.  Want to cut down your stir fry prep time? Buy the frozen stir fry mix from Costco. It's got everything.

The kids were slightly confused by the crispy noodles.

P had some noodles and applesauce and it's remained down so far. He's lounging on the couch with his bucket. If this illness runs the usual course he'll be sick until bedtime, will pass out cold, and will wake up feeling hungry and totally normal.  Fingers crossed.  Fingers crossed the rest of them don't get it (or me...cheese and rice I can't get this) because barfing kids during my work week is NOT COOL. 

I was feeling dessert tonight, so I went for a Chobani Flip.  It was tasty.  I'm not going to get anymore sleep before work tonight, so here's hoping there's enough going on to keep me up and moving around.

Coconut, almond, and chocolate.

I'm planning to hit happy hour yoga tomorrow (barring anymore barfing babies). Saturday is going to be an awake day, and Sunday I have to hit up CF to do 15.4 (which will be announced in about 20 minutes). That's going to be a disaster. Random side note, I had a handstand breakthrough at yoga on Wednesday. The instructor had me adjust my gaze from out to straight down and voila I was able to hold a freestanding handstand twice as long instantaneously. It was pretty cool. I gave her a high five.

Well, my lunch is packed and my scrubs are clean. All I need is a hot shower and I'll be as ready as I can be to head back into the salt mine. 

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