Monday, March 30, 2015

Blogging 2015: 297 down, 1718 to go

I woke up today already anxious about stupid 15.5. It is fantastic husband's workday, so I got the kids up and dressed and made breakfast for the little demons.  "Why do we have to get dreeeessssssed?" "Why do we have to have eeeeeegggggsssss?"

I made myself a smoothie. Nothing fancy. Almond milk, frozen strawberries, protein powder and a little vanilla.  Shakey.

It made 2 glasses. I drank them both.

After breakfast it was time to walk the girl child to school and the testosto-spawn to daycare so I could go flog myself in the gym without little people underfoot.  It was a relatively nice morning, so I took the long way home from daycare while I talked myself down off a ledge. When I got home I powered down some water and decided I should probably put some substantial calories in my guts before attempting this workout. I have a tendency to brown out if I don't eat before I workout and this WOD has no timecap so if I passed out before I finished I got a bit fat zero.  Leftover crockpot chicken, broccoli, and half a sweet potato.

Second breakfast.

So I went in and warmed up and had a small panic attack.  The workout itself sucked balls. I did it, I finished, and I beat my goal time by a wide margin (I wanted under 30 minutes, I finished in 23:33). I am not fast, I'm probably one of the slowest in the world (again), but I finished. I was questioning my life choices, however. I also totally cried.  It didn't happen until I was laying on the ground taking great heaving breaths afterward, but I totally did.  I could feel it coming and I couldn't stop it.  My WOD partner (Amanda Zeamer) said "She never cries." My fucking coach replied "Really? She cries every year during the Open." Which is true, but I don't need it pointed out. This was the only time I cried this year. Last year I cried like 3 times, on one occasion through an entire workout.  So the Open is in the books and I didn't die.

After the WOD I tried glutamine powder for the first time. It tastes like burning. If I'm going to use it in the future I need to mix it with something other than water.  Yucky.

So I hung around for a bit and then headed over to Jenstar for lunch hour yoga. I stopped at Starbucks and treated myself to a $1.75 coffee.  It's the first time I purchased anything for myself this month. Not bad.

Black coffee as treat. That's fucked up.

We did some good stretching and breathing. You know how you know you worked your hardest? When holding your arms over your head is an effort. Crescent pose was killing me. Forget chair. Hands to heart center, bitches. I did a few shaky ass chaturangas, but plenty of straight-to-down-dog action as well.  I did feel lots better after this, and I know the hip openers are going to help a lot.

Then I went home and crammed this into my face because I was so empty I felt slightly ill. Leftover salmon, quinoa/rice blend, and asparagus. They say hunger is the best sauce, but I swear it tasted even better today.

Why is there not more of you?!?

After lunch I hitched up the dog and went out for 5. It was more walk than run, but it was such a beautiful day I couldn't not go.  This was a happy doggy. She pointed at birds, sniffed the grass, and pranced her little backside all over the neighborhood.
What is this "done" you speak of?

I picked the kids up from school, got them a snack, girl child finished her homework, and we were off to CrossFit Kids. I thought about going for a walk while they were there, but I opted to stay and watch. I did a few pushups with Pat and cheered for them as they ran laps.  Oh, I also ate some tuna with cucumber and tomato that I forgot to photograph. The girl child had fun and afterwards informed me that she was running "just like a Unicorn". I agreed that she was very much like a Unicorn. She then added "without the horn." Probably for the best. The girl child isn't very coordinated. Had she a horn there would be many impaled children about.  Once again they bitched and cried when it was time to leave and stated that they didn't have any fun at all because they didn't get to stay after. I can't win.

So we made it home, I cobbled together some supper for the whining masses, then made a pile of whatever for myself. Leftover sweet potato fried in coconut oil, egg whites with cajun seasoning, tomatoes, salsa, and avocado. It was a pretty good random mess, I must say.

I ate it shockingly quickly.

I have my snack made up for later.  The other day I went to Costco with my list. On it I had written "apples and/or pears". As I was walking through the produce section I saw-I shit you not- APPLE PEARS. So of course I had to buy them. I mean, I pretty much made them happen with my mind. They're pretty much a 50/50. Skin like a pear, crispier like an apple, blended flavor. 

Also some almond butter.

So there you have it. Today flew by. I can't believe it's almost 7. I'm fairly certain I'll be turning in early tonight as fresh air makes me sleepy. Because I am 5, apparently. I should probably shower, as I didn't do that today. The boys have a well child appointment in the morning and I don't want to smell.  I'm curious to see how big they've gotten this past year.  I want to say we made it the whole year without a single visit to a physician. They should get an award or something, like perfect attendance at school.

Ok. Snack time. I swear I've eaten all the things today. But they were all good things, so I'm down. I also might lay on the floor. Of course then I'd have to get back up.

Maybe I'll just stand. 

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