Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blogging 2015: 290 down, 1725 to go

My miles have been a little haphazard these last couple of weeks. I'm getting them, but it's more like 2 miles with the dog and 3 on the treader or 5 on the road and 1 with the dog. Oh well. Miles is miles.

This last week was Spring Break at our local school so the kids were off all week with basically nothing to do. I was working through Wednesday, so when the P&C Cuteness Factory turned 5 it was on their Dad to occupy them in the morning while I slept. He took them to see the Spongebob Movie. I am beyond grateful for both the sleep and not having to see the Spongebob Movie.  Yick.

Now that the boys are 5, then can go to CrossFit Kids. This might not seem like a big deal to you or me, but they've been begging to go to the gym for months. I guess when you're 5, swinging from rings, climbing ropes, doing pullups, and burpees look like ZOMGBESTDAYEVER. So we went with all 3 kids and they loved it. Holy shit they drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid and drank deep.  Even the girl child liked it, and she has a tendency to give up when shit gets hard.  With luck, the program will not only help keep them moving but will also bolster their self-confidence. I know it's bolstered mine.

Thursday was my transition day and I mostly focused on making sure no one died by my hand. I took the smalls to the gym for mobility day and tried not to fall asleep behind the wheel. I made them lunch and then foolishly thought I might be able to grab a nap. When will I learn? Children are happy to nap when you don't care if they do, but if you're desperate to lie down or have something pressing to do? Fucking forget it.

I spent all day yesterday cleaning the house in preparation for a WildTree party on Sunday and baking birthday cakes (and doing laundry, cooking, keeping children from murdering each know, mom stuff). I was working non-stop from 7am until 8pm. But, everything got done, the kids got washed, and I went to bed early on my freshly washed sheets.

Here are the results of my labor.

Betty Crocker. Spent about $6 on cake and frosting. Total.

My "lazy mom" trick for cake decorating is just to purchase small toys that the kids would like to play with and use them on the top. The kids think this is fucking brilliant and it takes me no time at all, plus they get an extra toy. C chose an Ironman themed cake.  Ironman came with this "blaster" accessory.  Right. It's a blaster. I totally see that.
Don't fuck with Ironman. Just fuck with his weird penis arm.

Captain America came with a shield and some sort of anti-aircraft missile launcher dealie-bob. I wasn't going to include Ironman's Green Armpenis of Doom, so I didn't use Cpt. America's gun. P wanted to know why no gun, so fantastic husband told him that guns make frosting taste bad. #science

The party was a roaring success.  We took them to Kidz Town for 2 hours of imaginative play, face painting, and balloon animals. There were about 20 kids and I think they all had a great time.  Batman even made an appearance. P looks suspicious. I think the beard might've given him away.  C pointed and shouted "You're a fake!" at one point, because I raised some polite fucking children.
P is all "I'm equally Batman."

Now we're home again and all the presents have been unpacked and unpackaged. They got so much fun stuff, and we are super grateful to everyone that brought something for our little monsters.

I'm not going to share any photos of what I ate the last few days, mostly because I don't have any, but I can sum it up.
Leftover chicken
Root Beer
Beer Beer
Ice Cream

So yeah. Not exemplary, but whatever.  I weighed in on Thursday for my employer's healthy weight credit on our insurance.  I made it with a BMI of 25.4.  My bodyfat percentage is down around 26% which is an improvement from the 30 or 31% I was at a year or so ago even though my weight hasn't changed much. I feel like that's a win.

Being off the wagon has given me a headache. Tomorrow is a new day, and every new day is an opportunity to improve.
My feet are killing me, brah. 

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