Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blogging 2015: 243.6 down, 1771.4 to go

The dog woke me up at 6am.  My alarm was set for 6:20am.  So I made blueberry pancakes for the smalls, because every now and then I like to get accolades instead of admonishments when I put breakfast on the table.  They had blueberry pancakes and mango, big hit all around.  I even got to eat my breakfast before it got cold because they were too involved with face stuffing to bug me.  Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.....

I've been eating a lot of oatmeal lately and I wasn't feeling it this morning, plus the griddle was already out so I made myself a batch of banana pancakes.  Dripping with butter, maple syrup, and blackberries because that's how I roll.

Did I mention I got to eat them hot? Squeeeee

I decided at about 8:15 that I should haul my ass to the box for 9:15 so I pulled myself together and peeled a few oranges for the ride over.  Also Babybel gouda, because those things are just delicious.  So one orange and one cheese on the drive to the box.  Today we worked on snatching from high hang and I had a great snatch day (which sounds slightly pornographic). I managed to put up 70 pounds not once, not twice, but three times and it felt good.  It felt easier than 65 pounds.  I was tempted to try 75, which is my current one rep max, but I didn't want to break the spell. I hardly ever have a good snatch day.  The workout was an AMRAP involving a bunch of movements.  I typically like this set up because everyone is done at the same time and no one (me) is still flailing around when everyone else is chilling out drinking coffee.  Today we had company, in the persons of the Green Bay Blizzard who showed up early for their workout and got the privilege of watching myself and others doing burpees to a 6 inch target.  Nothing like a bunch of youngish semi-professional athletes watching you curse and drip sweat to motivate a person. 

The Green Bay Blizzard Arena Football team
Yeah. These guys.

After some hollow holds and supermans (supermen?) I ran out the door and busted ass over to Jenstar for hot yoga.  I crashed through the door, stripped off my outer layers, flopped my mat on the floor and collapsed into child's pose. Then got my ass kicked for an hour.  At least I was already warmed up...and completely smelly and sweaty and disgusting before we even started.  Around the time we started the cool down/stretch portion I was able to smell myself.  Let's just say I was glad there wasn't anyone around me.

After yoga I shuffled on home, smashing an orange and a Babybel into my face.  Fantastic husband and I suited up, leashed the dog, and headed out for 5k.  It was bright and cold.  The wind was atrocious coming off the bay, so we were ninjad up with gaiters part of the time. Don't we look excited about it?

My hair is just one big matted mess at this point.
Also? I need eyebrows. Like stat.

Then it was time for lunch.  Wedding soup and buttered crackers.  Perfect.

Soothes the soul.

Fantastic husband made fresh guac while I was eating my soup, so I had a few scoops of that with some tortilla chips. Shut up. I fucking earned that guac.  Then I finally got in the shower and went straight into sweatpants. Later I will put on my pajamas, which are yoga pants. What can I say? I'm a goddamn fashionista.

We tried a new recipe for dinner tonight.  It's called Ouovo in Purgatorio or somesuch out of NomNom Paleo.  Spicy sausage and mushrooms in sauce with an egg cracked on top and baked in the oven.  The yolks were still runny when we ate these and holy balls was this delicious. I could eat this any time of day...and I'm sure I will, because even though the recipe says it makes four we ended up with eight. Winning.

Just look at it. So beautiful.

I also had a side of mango.

Now I'm actively putting off finishing my laundry and considering going to bed at 8am.  Plan is to hit the #fiveonefive tomorrow for what should be mobility day. I forgot to mention yesterday that in addition to being sloshed full of slush while running, I also wiped out twice while walking the kids to and from school. I'm not talking slipped and caught myself, I'm talking full force wipeout. 

The 25 Whitest Things That Have Ever Happened
Pretty much this.

My left side is one big bruise. I didn't think it was too bad when it happened, but when I went to bed last night I figured I'd be hurting this morning and I was so right. I'm surprised at how well the day went because I was sore as shit when I woke up.

Tomorrow I go back on shift.  This week off felt longer than usual, which is pretty fucking great. Hopefully my week on will be nice and quick as well so I can get back to more fun things like beating myself to a pulp in the gym and stinking.  

Now if you'll excuse me I need to catch up with some midget housewives in LA. 

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