Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blogging 2015: 264 down, 1751 to go

Yesterday's title was a bit dyslexic.  Oops.  

Today was dedicated to un-CPSifying my house.  I'm not a great housekeeper.  I live with 3 kids and a dog, so cleaning feels utterly pointless most of the time.  Still, you have to do it or you get rats.  Also children smell.  Don't let babies fool you, they smell great most of the time.  Even when they smell like poop they still have that faint "new baby" smell.  Once they hit toddlerhood they get pretty stinky.  So I washed clothes, dishes, kids, floors, etc.  I bought the dog a new bed to replace the one she wrecked, she pissed on it.  I washed it, she destroyed it.  This is my life.

I made the full American breakfast this morning.  Eggs, bacon, toast, fruit, and juice.  I thought I photographed it...but I didn't, so this is what remained when I remembered.

It tasted well balanced.

After breakfast I did a mountain of dishes, then did 2 loads of laundry while I vacuumed and washed the floors followed by dusting.  Only half the house is clean-clean, but it's better than nothing.  The dirtiest part of the place was the focus of my efforts.  It looks pretty nice right now, which should last until about 8am.

When I finished the morning's work I took the smalls to Target to see if they had PB2 (they did!) and to replace the dog's shredded bed.  While we were there I had the boys pick out the bedding they want for their birthday present (big boy beds), so I purchased things but they were needed things that were going to be purchased this month anyway.  When we finished up at Target, I took them to Applebee's as I'd unearthed a giftcard from my seldom used purse this morning.  $25 gift card.  Our bill was $25.38 and I'm calling that a win.  I had siracha shrimp.  It's an appetizer, but I wasn't terribly hungry.  The kids were thrilled with lunch out and even slept a bit at "naptime", which is good since they all have the sniffles.

I have to say, these were pretty good.

While they napped, I watched Maleficent and folded laundry.  Kid laundry sucks balls because everything is so small that it seems never ending.  See? When these little bastards are old enough to reach the buttons on the washer they are doing this shit themselves.

3 kids. A billion tiny garments.

After laundry folding, I had a cocktail and watched Mad Men for a bit.  I didn't watch that show at all when it was on TV.  I like it, but holy shit is everyone drunk and fucking all the time.  How are none of them rotting away from tertiary syphilis?  And they all just drink straight liquor all the time...just glasses full of it. That's probably why all the fucking.  The clothes are pretty, though obviously require serious girdling.  No one is actually shaped like that.  

Tasty tasty cocktail.

When the smalls awoke, we went out for a fairly substantial dog walk/park stop so we could all get some air and Lucy the psycho dog could get some exercise.  Sometimes I think that exercising her is shooting ourselves in the foot.  The more exercise she does, the greater her endurance.  Soon she'll be requiring a 10 mile run every day to keep her from rocketing through the ceiling.

Dinner was just leftovers.  I was supposed to make butternut squash risotto, but I lacked a block of good Parm, so I didn't.  The spawn wouldn't have eaten it anyway because squash OMGAHSQUASH. I'll make it later in the week to take for lunches at work.

I consoled myself with a steak burrito.

So now I'm blogging.  I can hear the kids upstairs not sleeping.  I painted my nails so I have to stay up for a bit and let them dry.   I'm waiting with baited breath to see what fresh hell is coming on the CF front for tomrorow, then I'll be off to core yoga, and if my quads don't object too harshly perhaps a short run.  Kids have school next week, then it's spring break and I have no idea what we're going to do with them.  I'm thinking trampoline park for the boys' 5th birthday.  Mostly because I want to jump, and I do what I want.


Except eat cookies.  Because one of the things I want is to fit in my jeans. 

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