Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blogging 2015: Same as yesterday down, same to go.

Nope, I didn't run today.  It was sleeting and shitty and I didn't want to. I am failure personified. Also I had a Wildtree party to get ready for and I needed to shower and shit.

After my last two days of overindulging, it was time to get back on the wagon today. Tomorrow is a workout that's probably going to make me cry and I figured that eating well and getting a good night's sleep tonight would be good preparation.

Breakfast was oats. I had some coffee today, but not until later and mostly because it was cold and dreary and that makes me want hot beverages. This is 1/2c oats cooked with water, almond butter and a half scoop of protein powder.  I added some cinnamon and nutmeg. Hit the spot on this wintry day. I love oats. They are deeply comforting.  I can't eat them before a hard effort, though, because my blood sugar crashes hard.

And some water, because I'm shit at hydration when I'm at home.

I ran an errand this morning prior to the party. Just to Target to get another bottle of dandruff shampoo (full disclosure, bitches) and some seltzer water. I thought it was just raining, but noooooooo. Ice pellets from the heavens. Yuck.  When I got home I had a snack. You know, I love grapefruit. If you get a really good ruby red they are just fucking delightful. I don't buy them very often and I really don't know why. Every time I eat one I think to myself "This is fucking delightful. I love grapefruit."  Maybe it's because they look kind of dismal in the summer and fall. It's the midwinter California grapefruit that are the most perfect. I got a huge bag of these babies. OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.  Also please to notice the two perfectly peeled HBE. I win. 

Fucking delightful.

 I set up for the party, poised to offload the remainder of the leftover fruit from the party on Saturday. It was handily consumed. Thanks party-goers!  I also made popcorn with Wildtree coconut oil and cheese powder. I am an innovative salesperson. Or I just like cheese popcorn. You decide.  Here is the spread, and basically what I had for lunch. Some fruit, some popcorn, carrots and different dips, a few pieces of bread with oil. How incredible is bread with oil? Especially infused oil? I might as well just duct tape that shit to my thighs, but cheese and rice it's delicious.  I got some lemon oil to use on my fishy fish and some butter flavored oil for the popping of popcorn. Tasty. 
Shut up. All that shit's organic. Even the booze. Especially the booze.

So once everything was settled up and cleared away, it was time to start prepping dinner.  Fantastic husband took all three smalls to an arena football game this afternoon. He is a brave soul. The kids had chicken and cheese burritos, some veg, and some fruit. I made one of my workshop meals-Lemon Rosemary Salmon. I also roasted some asparagus and heated up some quinoa/brown rice blend. This was a very satisfying meal, and the fish was pretty damn tasty with the lemon rosemary seasoning. 

Behold the food groups.

The weather has been cold and crappy, so last night I decided to give myself a spring manicure to cheer myself up. Then it sleeted today. Fuck you, Mother Nature.  It's at home shellac. We'll see if it stands up to 15.5 tomorrow.

Fantastic husband calls this the "hand job pose"

So the week begins again, the kids are back in school, and I'm back on track and in the gym. I am kind of terrified of this WOD tomorrow. Last year's thrusters/burpees workout left me with fucking PTSD. I'm trying to psych myself up for it, tell myself that it's only 30ish minutes of pain (hopefully less) for a lifetime's satisfaction of knowing I did it. It's kind of working?  After it's over I'm going to lunchtime yoga so I can stretch out right away and hopefully not lock up like a goddamn statue over the following 48 hours.  

At the moment it's time to wash the spawn and cut their nasty dirty talons. Then they're off to bed and I won't be too far behind. Early to bed, early to rise...

If 15.5 kills me, remember me fondly. All 6 of you. 

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