Monday, March 2, 2015

Blogging 2015: 234 down, 1782 to go

The scale was kind this morning and I'm down again.  Huzzah.  I also got my off week three-a-day in so I'm riding high on the "healthy living" bandwagon.  I also made it through day 2 of No Buy March so I'm killing it on many fronts today.

Got up at 4:20 so I could make #thefiveonefive at CFGB.  Today's workout was backsquats, a shitload of rowing, and three of my favorite things: hand stand push ups, high box jumps, and rope climbs.  Yay!  I taped up my hand when my band-aid gave out and aside from a scary moment when I slipped on the rope it worked out just fine. Pre-WOD I had a banana with PB2 and a HBE.  It held out pretty well for the workout but I was fucking starving when I got home.

It's protein! It's carbs!
I got home in time to have breakfast with the fam before walking the girl child to school.  I went oatmeal again today, it's just been tasting really good of late.  With raisins and almond milk.

Get in mah belly!

Hung out for a bit and had some coffee and sock knitting time, then headed to yoga for some core work.  When I arrived I discovered it was just me and the instructor today, so I basically got a private session fo free.  Winning. Or losing, depending on your perspective. Winning because I got one on one attention, form correction, rep counting, etc.  Losing because there's no one to take the focus of me and I was watched doing every single rep.  Gulp.  Aside from the fact that she kicked my ass, I guess it was fine.  I was sweating like crazy and my mat was disgusting afterwards.  The instructor made tea, though.  She asked if I wanted some and I was all "Hell yes, free tea!" which was probably weird, but whatever. Free tea and shit.

Free? Wheeeeee!

Then I went to Costco and bought ALL THE FRUIT.  I may have eaten the better part of a container of raspberries on the way home.  Don't judge me. It's not like I ate a bag of cookies on the way home.  If I had even I'd be judging me. Upon arriving home, fantastic husband and I took the dog out for a 3 mile walk. It was a perfect winter afternoon-bright, warm, and clear blue skies.  After our walk I had a snack because I realized that a) I was fucking starving and b) I had neglected to eat lunch.

Key Lime Greek yogurt with graham cracker pieces.

I then realized that I looked like this all day.  No makeup, sweat-crunchy hair matted down by my hat, and for the love of little baby dolphins where are my eyebrows?!? I also smell fantastic in this picture. When they invent scratch-and-sniff internet, you bitches are in for a treat.

I can smell me.

So I showered (duh) and actually dried my hair before heading over to school for the girl child's troop meeting.  I took an orange. Oh, BTW I bought another 13# box of oranges.  I'm not going to photograph every one.  It's a motherfucking orange.  It was a delicious, awesome orange. Fairly certain that 13# isn't going to last the week.

It was leftover night, so I had a bowl of Wedding Soup.  I didn't photograph it.  You may refer to previous posts if you really need to see it.  I also had some buttered saltines.  Is there anything better than buttered saltines?  They taste like rainy days and childhood. 

Now I'm sitting on my ass watching TV.  I'm considering going to bed because I've been up since 4:20am and I did a lot of shit today.  I also finished off that container of raspberries. Because I finish what I start, motherfuckers.  It is the first episode of this seasons's RuPaul's Drag Race, though...I may have to stay up.  I love me some drag queens.

Tomorrow will be a run, possibly a WOD.  We'll see, we'll see.  No Buy March rolls on, training for the Cellcom half begins.  Now if we could just get a little Spring...

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