Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blogging 2015: 240.5 down, 1774.5 to go

Today is fantastic husband's work day, which means that aside from school I'm flying solo with the spawn. This morning began like every other, with a small child jumping on my bed followed by an hour of random bitching and whining.  They balked at eggs and bacon, because children are stupid and don't know a good thing when they've got it.  I am going to laugh my ass off when they're all away at college or in the military or whatnot.  I am going to take pictures of my meals and text them every day with the caption "MINE".

So they had sad bowls of cereal and I had this.

Mango. Thanks, Costco!

After we walked the girl child to school, they boys wanted to play on the playground for a bit so I indulged them.  It was snowing pretty substantially, but it wasn't cold or windy.  Little children in snowpants are one of my favorite things about winter.  Every kid looks cute in snow gear.  Every one puffy and round with rosy red cheeks and snowflakes on their eyelashes.  They're adorable.  Also well padded.  When there's fresh snow on the ground and the kids are all bundled up I worry less about them falling and shattering something. Both boys are daredevils. Jumping, climbing, scaling things...at least if they fall this time of year you just hear a little pooof and then giggles vs. screaming.  We hung around until the snow started to soak through my jeans, then headed home for a little PBS and sock knitting.

I finished, see?

The boys wanted peanut butter sandwiches for lunch (a popular request lately) so they had that and some oranges while I went for leftover chili.  It was a chili kind of day.

With blue corn tortilla chips.

Then I had an orange, because I've got 13# of them to get through.  Still have about 5# of carrots as well, but I'm going to finish those at work this week.

I walked the boys to 4K and on the way home noticed that the precipitation had changed and there was now a fine crust of ice on the snow from this morning.  You know what that means? Traction. It was right around 30 degrees, minimal wind, and only lightly sleeting.  Five mile run? FIVE MILE RUN! I got home and suited up in some old running tights I forgot I had and my trusty pink Nike windshirt. I wore glasses since it was sleeting and my first mile was into the wind.  I had to wipe ice off them a few times, but once I turned out of the wind onto my head they went and I didn't need eye protection for the rest of the run.  The surfaces were pretty good, I only had to walk part of one uphill section as it was icy.  The temp could not have been nicer. I was also lucky to have a "runner moment" today during mile 4.  I live for those moments...when my lungs are open and breathing is easy, my joints and muscles all feel like they're working in perfect concert, and I feel as though I could run forever.  During that moment two deer leaped out of the trees and bounded across the road into the fields on the other side.  It was fucking perfect.  Then a postal truck drove by and splashed me full of dirty slush and water.  This is why Runner's World will never ask me to be on the cover. Shit like that doesn't happen to cover runners.  So I busted ass home as it was below freezing and I was now soakingwetandslowlyfreezingOHMAHGAH. 

No selfie of that disaster as I was pretty much stripping icy saturated clothing off the moment I got in the door while I bolted into a hot shower.  I'm still glad I went, though.  Most of the run was very pleasant.  

Oh, I had a snack.

Banana, almond, and dark chocolate. 

I picked up the smalls from school and fixed them up with a snack, then had a cup of mint tea to settle my for-some-reason-slightly-upset stomach.  Dinner was my last remaining Wildtree freezer meal which was a Moroccan halibut with carrots.  Not bad, I must say.  I tossed in a little brown rice and quinoa.  The kids had the rice and carrots but fish sticks (and strawberries) because I didn't feel like wasting fish.  Before putting their plates in front of them I stated very clearly that if there was any whining AT ALL about ANY PART of the meal by ANY ONE OF THEM they would all go to bed immediately.  Which totally worked.  They asked questions about the meal and we talked about spices and quinoa and different ways of cutting and preparing carrots. And they actually ate the carrots and rice blend.  I was shocked. I'm going to threaten them every night. 

There is fish under there.

So I just finished folding a billion tiny shirts and underpants.  I even put it all away immediately afterwards which is unheard of for me.  I also ran two loads of laundry and 2 loads of dishes today.  I am on fire. 

Tomorrow I have core yoga for sure and probably a trip to the box since I didn't make it over there today.  Part of me really wants a beer right now, but my belly is still a little off and I don't want to tempt fate. From what I gather it's going to get freaky cold again which makes me want to punch things, but at least I got some air today.  

45 minutes until bedtime for children.  I may not be far behind.

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