Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blogging 2015: 243.8 down, 1771.2 to go

Yeah, so I ran like 400m at CrossFit this morning and that was it. I got a fairly decent nap, which is fortunate because I go on shift in 3.5 hours.  I often find it hard to sleep on my first day on since I got a full night's sleep the night before.  Last night I stayed up to watch the season premier of Broadchurch, so I didn't go to sleep until about 10pm which is super late for me.  I realize that sounds stupid coming from a third shifter, but it's true.

I also got up to go to the #fiveonefive this morning, which certainly helps with the tiredness factor.  Today was mobility day, so it was a 60 minute running clock with movements to get your heartrate up interspersed with muscle group smashing. We climbed ropes, did thrusters, jumped rope, rowed, dumbbell snatches, shuttle runs, handstand pushups, squats, all kinds of fun stuff.  I like these days.  The hour flies by.  The drive over there this morning was illuminated by a full moon.  At the end of the WOD today the sun was up, a sure sign of Spring.


Before heading out I had a little something to eat.
Quick and easy at 4:30am.

So my workout was good, and I came home hungry so I made a big breakfast.  I generally don't eat mid-day on my on weeks because I'm sleeping...and in order to keep myself from overeating on the transition day I skip lunch. 


In spite of 2 cups of coffee, I was feeling sleepy by 9am so I took a nap.  I got up to make lunch for the boys before they headed off to school and made myself some popcorn for a snack.  Then I went back to sleep.  I got a few hours, which was unexpected and wonderful.  

This afternoon we had parent/teacher conferences for the smalls, so we did a divide and conquer with me visiting the boys' teacher and fantastic husband chatting with the girl child's teacher.  Decent reports on all kids, they aren't the classroom dicks so that's positive. It always takes me aback to hear my kids described as "good listeners" because I'm not seeing that shit at home.  

I sort of violated No Buy March in that it is Book Fair week and each child got to pick out a book since they all got good reports. I spent $19. They didn't technically need the books, but they also weren't for me or utterly useless, so there's that.

Since we were at school late and didn't really have a formed plan for dinner we decided to do pizza night. I had pizza.  It was good.  Not OHMAHGAH pizza good, but frozen pizza good.  I had these 3 pieces and stopped, which is a small victory.  I am fully capable of powering down a whole frozen pizza.


Goals for this week: Finish the last 5# of carrots.  Finish the remaining 7# of oranges (oh yeah, I had an orange this afternoon). Continue to pack my lunch every night so as to avoid the cafeteria.

I have lots of good leftovers, so I should be good to go.  

Tomorrow is fantastic husband's work day, so the kids will be at daycare so I can sleep.  The likelihood of my getting in a meaningful workout is small.  If I get some solid sleep I'll hit the treader for at least some walking.  Saturday is the Point Bock Run, so I'll have 5 for sure.  That'll be an interesting day-sleeping in the car, running a noon race, then sleeping in the car some more. I've done many a stupider thing, it'll be fine. Something tells me I'll be slow as shit, but the temperature is supposed to be mild so at least I won't freeze to death!

This last week off was pretty boss.  I'm hoping this work week flies by so I can get back to having fun! 

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