Friday, March 13, 2015

Blogging 2015: 260 down, 1755 to go

It's been a few days.  Sometimes it's hard for me to blog when I work nights because the following day is pretty much sleeping and miscellaneous child care.  Not what you call titillating stuff.  This past week I had the fortune or misfortune of getting minimal sleep on all my work days except Wednesday.  That makes me a dull girl, because I can't motivate to do much of anything aside from bathe and make coffee.

Last Saturday fantastic husband and I ran the Point Bock Run, which is a lovely 5 miler in Stevens Point. It's an out and back which I usually hate, but this one doesn't bug me for some reason.  You get 3 full sized beverages at the end of this one, which is pretty rare.  I spent 2 of mine, one of which was a root beer.  I haven't had a soda in 3 years, aside from the odd sip here and there to remind myself just how disgusting Diet Coke actually tastes, but that root beer was fucking delicious.  It's made with sugar vs. HFCS+aspartame and that makes an enormous difference in the taste.  I really enjoyed it, especially since I'd been awake for 24 hours when I drank it and was in dire need of energy.

My work week was pretty good, busy but not unmanageable. I don't mind busy, it moves things along when you're operating on 3ish hours of sleep.  Last night I went to bed early anticipating a sleep in today as the kids had no school.  Fantastic husband was working, so I was alone in my bed...I thought.  Around 2am I rolled over and upon extending my arm discovered something smallish and warm snoring softly next to me. It was C, and I was too tired to care so I just went back to sleep.  All 3 spawn felt the need to migrate to my bed, with much shouting, jumping, and whining happening at around 6am.  I tried to ignore them, but that was impossible.  When I got kicked in the ribs I leaped out of bed and hollered "That's it. Everybody get the fuck out of my room RIGHT NOW" because I am a great parent. I fed them the remainder of the oatmeal cake and collapsed into a chair with a cup of coffee.  It was almost 2 hours before I got around to making breakfast.

This looks disgusting, but it was divine.  1/2c rolled oats cooked in 1c chocolate almond milk. Mixed in 2tbsp of PB2, then tossed about 6 minimarshmallows and 6 chocolate chips on top.  It was sinful, in a non-sinful way.

Like peanut butter S'mores.

We met fantastic husband's parents out for lunch at Red Robin.  I wasn't feeling a burger, so I opted for the Cobb salad.  It was pretty good, and also huge, so I only ate about half of it.

With avocado. I love avocado.

After lunch we came home and the kids "napped" for a bit while I did a little organizing of some papers and such.  I bought a binder today for said papers.  I really wanted a Trapper Keeper.  Bad.  I couldn't find one, and that made me a lot sadder than seems reasonable.  This afternoon it was almost 65 degrees so I took the dog out with me for a run.  Running with her is like being pushed by a 25mph tailwind while simultaneously being pulled by a car.  It's crazy.  She positively bounds over the road.  I am superfast with this dog.  We did 5 miles and it only took 42 minutes.  That is ridiculous.  At the end I thought I was going to die...because she sped up when she saw our house.  I came in gasping.  My children were quick to point out that I looked SO TIRED and Lucy didn't seem tired AT ALL.  Assholes.

This is my "What the fuck just happened?" face.

We made steak tacos for dinner (well, fantastic husband did, but I paid for the food so I feel that counts) and I mashed it into my face before photographing it.  Your loss, because that bitch had fresh homemade guacamole on it.  The girl child was off to her Aunt's house for a sleepover, so we consoled the boys with a movie at the Budget.  We saw Big Hero 6, and they loved it.  I thought it was cute, plenty of laughs. The soundtrack was pretty cool, too.

Popcorn and a movie.

I guess I technically violated No Buy March because I paid for the movie and snacks.  It was $19.  I could have had fantastic husband pay, but that felt like a cop out. I have successfully stopped myself from buying new running shoes (which I do NOT currently need) and running pants (summer is coming and I have enough pants).  That counts for something, right?  I have also spent $0 in the cafeteria and I did NOT go to the scrub sale on Friday. Yay!  

Tomorrow I'm going to take my happy ass to the box for 15.3, then get either a walk or a run in the afternoon. This weather means I should be outside whenever possible.  I've got the smalls on Sunday, so if we go to CF it'll probably just be for yoga...the Open WOD is just too many damn people to have my kids underfoot. 

I will leave you with this photo of a happy ass.  Her name is Nester, and she belongs to my friend Erin.  He posted this photo in the Sub-30 Club on Facebook and I asked him if I could use it.  He said I could.  I want you to think of Nester every time you see or hear the phrase "happy ass".  I guarantee it'll make you smile.

Look at this ridiculously happy ass. Look at her pink bridle. LOOK AT IT.

This ass is so damn happy she's practically a Unicorn.

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