Monday, March 16, 2015

Blogging 2015: 270 down, 1745 to go

I am getting sick.  I first felt it on Friday night, that slight ache in the back of the throat that means some viral bully is lurking there.  Then Saturday I got a giant fucking cold sore on my bottom lip (where they always surface, herpetic bastards). It itches so bad right now I want to tear my face off.  Then after my 1.2 mile run at CF this morning I had the telltale ache in my ears.  The kids have been snuffling for the last few days, so I suppose it was inevitable, but it's still irritating.  Now, nothing may come of it.  Often I get the warning signs and then it just goes away, but I'm drinking a shitload of water and tea anyway.  Hydrated is healthy.

The DOMS was strong this morning.  The red dog woke me up at 4:30 with the urgent need to pee, so I got a taste of what was in store bright (dark?) and early.  Creaky doesn't begin to describe my physical state this morning.  I got up for real at 6:20 to start on breakfast and cold lunch for the smalls. My breakfast consisted of a strong cup of coffee with a little chocolate almond milk mixed in and some oats with PB2 and a swirl of honey.

I also ate a banana on the way to the box. It was...bananay.

Peanut butter oatmeal, I love you.

So I went to the box at 9:15 for front squats, which are my worst thing.  I swear, I can't keep my elbows high enough. So today I worked on my elbows. 5 x 10 every two minutes at 55#.  Not herculean, but I kept my goddamn elbows up.  Then it was tabata squats and a 1 mile run (well, 1.2 because we thought there was a 1 mile loop but we were wrong). Tabata squats suck most days. Today I actually felt ill. It's always kind of fun to run on baby deer legs, though.  You're legs are so spent you can't feel them at all for the first half mile.

After CF I headed over to Jenstar for core yoga at 10:30. We did wall sits with weighted twists added. It was horrible. I totally whimpered.  Since I arrived sweaty to hot yoga, you can bet your happy ass (did you think about Nester?) that I was not only gorgeous but fragrant by the end.  Fortunately it's a small class.

Then I drove home to meet fantastic husband for 3 miles with the dog.  With a big uphill and a big downhill. My legs hate me so hard right now.  When I sat down to eat lunch, the dog went over to the back door and yipped to go out.  Getting up was torture.  I had leftover cottage pie for lunch because someone ate the last of the chorizo mac n' cheese.  

It's not a punishment, but it's not chorizo mac 'n cheese.

Here I am looking faboo after 3 hours of workouts.

My hair is crunchy.

I filled out invites for the boys' birthday party, which was tedious as hell.  14 invites for their classmates. I don't think I've written that much since college. I'm so used to typing everything that I forget how to write. My handwriting is perfectly legible, but I really had to concentrate on not using abbreviations. Sad, right? 

Then it was time for Mad Men and another cup of coffee.  The dog crawled up in the chair and smashed herself into the space beside me. I don't see how this is comfortable, but she was snoring so it must be.

Being a dog is exhausting.

I took a "long cut" on the way to get the kids so I could get my daily total up to 6 miles. It was a lovely afternoon, but it did get a bit windy as the day progressed.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40s again, so I turned the heat back on (sigh). Dinner was spinach and mushroom lasagna rolls. We haven't made this recipe in ages, and it's a good one.  Pretty, too.

Fresh basil. Mmmmmm.

The felt the need to dissect the food, then bitch about it. You just can't win.  I'm tempted to serve nothing but Pop-Tarts and fish sticks.  But then I'd hear "Pop-Tarts again? We just had that the other day."

Tomorrow's plan involves #thefiveonefive and then probably a run.  Fantastic husband is going full St. Patrick's Day bar hopping style.  Maybe I'll join him. Probably not, though.  St. Patrick's Day is annoying. It's like New Year's but with shitty beer and whores wearing Kiss Me I'm Irish shirts instead of glitter and desperation.  Now, there are exceptions.  St. Brendan's Inn has good beer, and probably cabbage.  We'll see.

Two things about today:
1. Festival was out of Point root beer and that made me a sad panda.
2. I have not yet showered. But I will. Probably.  

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