Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blogging 2015: 261.5 down, 1575.5 to go

I got to sleep past 7am today.  A small miracle.  I had made plans with a CF friend to do the third Open WOD at 9:15, so I made breakfast and had a nice cup of coffee, leisurely-like.

I made S'mores oatmeal again, and I used the last of my PB2. I tried to get some more, but stupid Festival was out of both varieties. Just empty shelves staring back at me. I was sad.

Because this is delicious.

The workout was a lung burner. 50 wallballs at 10# followed by 200 single unders...repeat for 14 mintues.  I got 2 full rounds plus 26 wallballs.  So to recap I did 126 wallballs and 400 single unders. My quads were jello afterwards and they've been twitching for the last few hours.  My total reps: 526.  This isn't even close to the high scorers in the gym, but it set my lungs on fire.  I coughed for two hours afterwards.  CrossFit is fun, yo.  In a sick way I want to do it again, because I know I wasted precious seconds during my last set, but tomorrow I'm going to be sore and I'd wager Monday the DOMS is going to have me practically petrified. I took a selfie with my wallball, but my phone ate it. I was so bummed when I realized it.  Maybe I'll go to broga tomorrow.  After the workout I made my way home and dished up some leftovers for lunch. Beef and Bacon Cottage Pie, which is always better the second day.

Spicy spicy.

This afternoon I didn't do much of anything aside from knit and watch Mad Men on Netflix whilst drinking mint tea.  It was lovely.  Dinner was a recipe I hadn't tried before from the Athlete's Palate cookbook I got last year.  I want to say it's a Rodale publication and I learned about it through Runner's World.  It's mac 'n cheese, but made with good sharp cheddar, chorizo, and roasted red peppers.  It was pretty fucking great.


After supper we took the kids and the dog out for a walk.  It was a little chilly this evening and the sun waited until we were on the way home to come out from behind the clouds, but we got some fresh air so there's that.  The temps are supposed to drop into the 40s again on Monday, so we tried to enjoy the warm weather while it's here.  

The girl child returned from her Auntie's house with a bag of chocolate chip cookies.  How can you say no to homemade cookies?  So I had a couple.  They were pretty good, I must say (but mine are better).

I love cookies.

So now I'm blogging and fantastic husband is playing Chutes and Ladders with the smalls.  Turns out we don't have any games for more than 4 players except for Clue and Monopoly. The 7 and 4 year olds are crap at Clue.

The week begins anew tomorrow with laundry, dishes, bathing of smalls, and housecleaning.  Huzzah.  I may make it to broga, but if not I'll get my stretching in with CF, yoga, and a run on Monday.  Tuesday I can go to the fiveonefive, which makes me so damn happy.  

I also have to weigh in on Monday. I kind of want to, and kind of don't.  Still, goals is goals. I'm never going to finish this journey if I don't read the map.  

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