Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blogging 2015: 100 down, 1915 to go

Holy shit!  I hit 100 miles today.  Probably would've been more triumphant had I been running vs. dicking around with the dog.  Still, miles are miles.

She could barely contain her excitement.

Fantastic husband is working today, so I had to make my own breakfast which is total bullshit.  The kids did not complain about the eggs this morning!  It's a Martin Luther King Jr. Day miracle!


Walked the girl child to school and started my second sock.  I debated going to the box this morning, but lost track of time and...didn't.  Sue me.  Thursday morning 0515 is looking pretty good, though.

I made a frozen pizza for the boys' lunch and I had a chocolate banana smoothie.  

I also had a slice of frozen pizza.  It was pretty great.

The boys had 4k today, and they were itching to go back to school.  We walked over since it was such a nice day, and I continued on with the dog for my 5 mile "rest".  

I had a snack of honeyed brie and berries, because it's fucking delightful.

The kids did something to the DirecTV receiver in the basement, so there was much drama surrounding the lack of cartoons this afternoon.  They managed to survive.  

I made citrus carnitas for supper, which is magic pork.  You spice the meat, put it in a pot with lemon and lime juice and water...then just kind of let it boil for 2 hours until the water is gone and the meat caramelizes.  It is fantastic.

And the kids ate it without complaint.  
Pinch me.

We watched the muppets and snuggled after dinner, which was very pleasant.  If they go to bed without incident I might have to bronze one of them to commemorate today.  

I feel nice and recovered, so tomorrow it's back to running vs. walking with some planks thrown in for good measure.  

I spent some time today trying on my vacation clothes and swimsuits.  I hate clothes.  About half the stuff I tried on fit fine and I thought "Hey, I look pretty decent in this!" and the other half I tried on and thought "Sweet chocolate Christ, what the fuck is this?"  Don't get me started on the horror that is trying on swimsuits.  One top is too big, but the size down is so small it hurts.  The bottoms are either large and baggy or so tight they cut. The bottom fits fine but the top is all crazy.  Who designs this shit?  But, I'm working on not caring.  Most of my stuff fits fine, and it's not like I'm going to see most of these people again anyway.  They get to look at me in all my muffin-top, stretch mark and spider veined glory.  Lucky bastards.

One hundred miles.  I'm kind of impressed with myself.

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