Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blogging 2015: 22.3 down, 1992.7 to go

The Arctic Blast is upon us.  I was wondering when it would show up.  School is delayed 2 hours tomorrow which is shades of 2014 as school was cancelled for extreme cold twice the first week back from winter break.  It's times like these I'm glad my boys are in afternoon 4k, because morning 4k is cancelled.  I have yoga at noon tomorrow and 4k starts at 11:35 so I won't have to miss out.  Because I? Am a selfish whore.

I have some new breakfast stuff in the crockpot right now, so the delay means I won't have to be all rushy-rushed in the morning at least.

So.  I was lying in bed fantasizing about paleo toaster waffles this morning, only to come downstairs and realize that husband had eaten the last banana.  I was one sad panda.  So instead I found a recipe online for pancakes that didn't require a banana.  Don't ask me where, because I fucking forgot.

The fruit redeems it a bit.

The news forecast was all ERMAHGEHRD FROZENSNOWMAGEDDON!  HIDE YOUR CHILDREN won't anybody think of the children? So of course I decided to go for a walk, because how bad could it be?  Truthfully it wasn't so bad.  The wind was quite cold, but I was geared up and frankly sweating balls by about a mile in.  I wanted to go into the UWGB arboretum, but my boots (Sorel-utterly waterproof and extremely warm) create a strange hotspot on each of my calves.  I decided to come home vs. getting big bloody sores.  

2 miles.  Lovely morning.

I had some jerky as a post snow trek snack.

Lucy was not amused.

Then it was time to shower up and go on a Costco run.  My lunch was a protein shake, mostly because I'd poured the almond milk and partitioned the powder into this cup about 2 weeks ago so I figured I'd better drink it.


I got out of Costco cheap today, with a cartful of frozen veg, fresh fruit, raw nuts, squash, chickens, and freeze dried fruit.  

Less than 2 bills, bitches.

I took the side roads home from Costco mostly because I wanted to bash through some snowdrifts.  I love to drive in shitty, snowy conditions.  I love to hop drifts, slide around corners, and shout WAHOOOOO!!! as I slide down hills.  Now, I don't do this with my kids in the car.  I've put way to much effort into keeping those little bastards alive.  But just me?  Alone in the car? Daylight and snow drifts and ice and wind and big curvy hills? GAME ON. I was having so much fun...until a white Jeep ruined it for me.  Who the bloody fuck crawls up on another car going into a curve on an icy road?  And then stays firmly planted in that car's blind spot for the remainder of the ride?  A big Jeepy asshole, that's who.  

I also got guac, because these peppers were so lonely.

I was going to make it pretty, then I thought "Fuck that"

I originally bought the chickens for dinner tonight, but husband remembered that he'd taken out the ingredients for Cottage Pie and well, I heart me some Cottage Pie.  

I could die happy with this as my last meal.

After dinner we washed the spawn.  They've spent a lot of time outside playing the last few days and they were rank. I sometimes wonder how their fingernails get so long and vile in just a few days' time.  We read a story, doled out hugs and kisses...and I got on the fucking dreadmill to get the remainder of my miles for today.  A little walking, a little running, a shitload of boredom.  

3.4 shitty boring miles.

Still on track.  Yoga tomorrow, probably more shitty treadmill miles.  It's supposed to be hideously cold...I'll probably still try to get some distance outside anyway.  

Or maybe I'll just lay on the floor while I stuff chocolate chips into my face.  It's a toss up.

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