Monday, January 5, 2015

Blogging 2015: 24.3 down, 1990.7 to go

Two hour delay this morning, so I made blueberry pancakes for the kids.
They were a big hit.

Last night I was surfing around Pinterest for slow cooker quinoa recipes.  Quinoa is a pseudograin so it isn't technically paleo, but I eat it from time to time and thought it might be an interesting higher-protein alternative to oatmeal on these freezing winter days.  I like a bowl of hot cereal when the temperature plummets.  It makes me happy.  This particular bowl has quinoa, applesauce, diced apples, raisins, pecans, almond milk, spices, and maple syrup in it.  It was pretty tasty.  I had it with a little almond milk and maple drizzled on it and it really hit the spot.  Makes a nice big batch, too.  
Bowl of mush.  Check.

Got the girl child off to school at 9:30 (we drove the 400m to school...too cold out for the littles to walk very far) and came home to do some mundane shit before making lunch for the boy children.  I once again proved my inability to appropriately mother children by not realizing it was P's snack day at 4K.  I suck at this stuff.  I can barely remember to go to work, but I'm supposed to keep track of snack days and pajama days and popcorn days and yadda yadda blah blah blah days?  I'm hopeless.  And email calendars and reminders just seem to make me worse.  I was feeling pretty good that I remembered to go to L's girl scout meeting...then got the smackdown when P said "YOU FORGOT MY SNACK!" in the accusatory way only little children can manage.

I did have a midmorning snack.
Maple vanilla pecans are some dangerous shit.

Boys wanted pizza for lunch, so I made a frozen one. There were 4 pieces left over and I didn't eat a single slice.  That's impressive for me.  I had the remaining sloppy sliders and some green beans instead.

Exciting stuff.

After dropping the boys off at school I headed down to DePere for some lunch hour yoga.  I haven't been in a couple of weeks with the holidays and working and it was nice to get some quality stretching in.  My goal is to get to yoga twice a week.  I'm scheduled to go again Wednesday.
Scary post yoga hair.

Then I came home and geared up for a few outside miles.  I promptly fell on my ass.  Our entire street (and many of the others in the neighborhood) are straight up skating rinks.  So I got on the treadmill for a bit before I had to get ready to go to girl scouts.

Only 2 miles. Yaaaaaay.

My boss gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas, so I used it to invest in a quality over-the-face gaiter with wind panels for winter running.  With tax the total was $0.02 less than the card and I get free shipping with Prime so I'm calling that a win.  It'll be here tomorrow so I can more easily brave the miles outside in this crazy weather.  I might get back on the treader before bed, but probably not.  

I brought my own snack to girl scouts.

I have 13# of these.  Thanks Costco!

After picking up the boys and being reminded of my sub-par mothering skills, I tossed together a dinner for myself and the spawn.  They gobbled it down, so I guess roasted chicken and veg is still a winner.  I had a slab of chicken and a pile of peas.  I forgot to take a picture.  Fail.  It wasn't very interesting anyway.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.  I'd like to get to CrossFit and out for a 6+ mile run.  That should be possible, so barring anything weird that'll be my plan.  

Now it's time to bed down the smalls and follow close behind them.  All this exercise is making me sleepy.

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