Friday, January 23, 2015

Blogging 2015: 118 down, 1897 to go

I made it through day one and most of day two of my juice fast.  I drank an ocean of water and a river of herbal tea and visited the bathroom a jillion times.

The only issue I had?  I was desperately craving salt by the end of the night.  Truly, that was my only problem.  I mean, I felt hungry here and there, but it was usually right before I was planning to have a juice anyway and they are oddly filling.  I was cold overnight from nothing but cold juice and water, but mint tea helped quite a bit with that.

I had three flavors of juice overnight.  Gnome is tasty.  It's tastes very fresh and...well, green.  It tastes like Spring would taste if you could eat it.  Really good.

I get 2 of these a day.

The Zesty Greens is...strong.  Very very vegetable in nature, and I was extremely conscious of the cabbage.  It wasn't bad exactly, but this is one I'm going to have to just sack up and drink every day.  It was very filling, but I can't say I enjoyed it.

Take your medicine.

At the end of the night I had this Veggiesaurus.  I was craving salt so hard at this point that it was difficult to drink this one because of the slightly sweet, carroty flavor.  It's probably pretty good as a stand alone, but I didn't want sweet at all at that point of the night, so it was another medicinal drink.

Hey, it kept me full for hours.

I started off my day today with the angry lemonade Zinger.  I love that one.  I'm stoked that it's my "breakfast" every day because it is fantastic.  I get a new one at the end of the night tonight, it's mostly berries and should be really good. The only "medicinal" I'll have tonight is the Zesty Greens.

Things I learned from the first 24 hours:  
1. I can deal with hunger.  I was worried about hypoglycemia, but that was a non-issue last night.
2. I crave salt.  I've always thought of myself as more of a sweets person, but the salt craving was almost overwhelming this morning.  
3. I like tea, but not drinking coffee for a whole week is going to be difficult.

So far so good. I'm not hangry, I'm not weak or sick or headachey.  I'm tired, but that's more of a lack of sleep situation than anything else.  The dog had her stitches removed (the ones she couldn't get to, she handily removed about 80% of her stitches herself) and was given a clean bill of health post-op.  Her appointment meant I didn't get to sleep until around 9:30 this morning.  I didn't sleep very well or very long today, so I'll have to make up a few of those hours tomorrow.  She and I got a 3 mile walk this afternoon, so there's that.

I'm told that days 2-3 of a juice fast are the worst.  Right now I'm about 36 hours into this, so the worst is in progress and it doesn't seem so bad.  That said, the hours between 2 and 4am can be rough even when not fasting so I'm not going to get too cocky.  

1 hour until the kids hit the sack.  Maybe I'll grab a snooze in the chair.

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