Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blogging 2015: 16.8 down, 1998.2 to go.

Today started off really well.  Kids slept until 7am!  There's snow! Huzzah!

Then I made eggs and bacon for breakfast and it began.  "I'm really not hungry at all, Mommy." "Didn't we just have eggs the other day?" "I don't really like eggs today."  It's never going to end, is it?  Every day of my life (until they're old enough to toast their own waffles or pour their own cereal) I'm going to spend the first 60 minutes I'm awake listening to kids bitch about nothing. Sigh.

It's okay, though, the day salvaged itself.  Like I said, we finally (FINALLY! FINALLY!) have some fucking snow.  So after breakfast I laced up and went out onto unplowed roads for some miles.

Oh, here's breakfast.
Eggs, bacon, applesauce.

The plows barely touched my neighborhood, so I got to tromp through some driven snow.  I did 5 miles mostly running with a little walking where the surface was dicey.  Not too shabby.  It was a perfect morning weather-wise.  Barely any wind, about 30 degrees.  If I hadn't needed the pocket for my phone I wouldn't have needed my jacket at all.  Certainly didn't need gloves.  I started out wearing glasses as it was misting slightly, but they ended up getting frosted up so I put them on my hat instead.  The grumpy penguin looks pretty badass in Smith Optics.

Yes, I see that it looks like there's a pole coming out of my head.

When I stopped to take this snow selfie (#snelfie?) I texted my husband to tell him to send the kids outside and gear up. He was going to run on the treadmill, but fuck that thing.  It was gorgeous out today and I didn't want him to miss it.  The kids spent about an hour outside flapping around in the snow with the dog.  I had a nice snack.

Oranges and jerky.  

Also a few of these tasty bitches.

Crunch and sweet!  With protein! And fat! 
It's the motherfucking Zone!

I probably didn't need lunch, as I wasn't terribly hungry, but I ate it anyway.  Sue me.  Sloppy sliders and peppers because I was too lazy to actually cook vegetables.  I fucking love bell peppers.  Not the green ones so much as they can be a bit bitter, but all the other colors of the pepper rainbow.  They are delicious.  Also pretty, because food should be pretty if at all possible.


After grabbing a shower, I did a little sock knitting and reading while fantastic husband did a little errand running.  Later in the afternoon this happened.  

I ate bacon while watching "My 600lb Life".  

The kids went out to flap some more.  C pretty much built a snowman solo, just needed some help assembling it.  P helped me pick out a carrot nose.  Lucy went outside and barked at the snowy intruder.

I started a new pair of socks last night.  I like the yarn, but the spiraling pattern is making me crosseyed.  Also?  Little kids practicing counting while you try to remember a fixed number of repeats?  That is challenging

Blue green.  Much better than last month's ugly socks.

Dinner was Moroccan Meatballs and cauli rice from Well Fed.  This remains one of my favorite things ever.  I ate too much, which means there will probably be gaseous emissions later.  I'm all about full exposure.  I need to start keeping parsley around. This would've been prettier with a little sprinkle of green.

I should really have had some veg...oh, wait.

Three days in a row.  Who am I?  I'm hoping this 2015 challenge helps me grind the habit of running (or walking) every day into my subconscious.  I'm a notoriously inconsistent runner, but I get away with it because I'm generally fairly sound.  I'm a little bit fat, but beyond that I'm pretty hardy.  I can not run for weeks, then bang out a half marathon and still be functional the following day.  That's a shit habit, and I'm working on it.  Right now I'm just running to run, no pace goals, walk breaks, yadda yadda.  At the end of February I ramp up for a run at sub-2 in May.  I think I can really do this, and I'm excited about it...not dreading it.  

Holy shit I ate a lot today.

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