Monday, January 12, 2015

Blogging 2015: 61 down, 1954 to go

After being awake most of the day yesterday with just a short nap in the afternoon, I made the decision to catch a short 30 minute nap before getting ready to go to work last night.  Let's just say I set my alarm incorrectly and woke up shortly after 9pm.  My shift starts at 9:30.  Oops.  I pretty much rocketed out of bed and into the shower.  You know what time I clocked in? 9:29 motherfucker.  That's right, I showered, dressed in clean matching clothes, put on make-up, dried and styled my hair, packed up my bag, got my winter gear on, and drove to work in under 25 minutes.  I DIDN'T EVEN SPEED Y'ALL.

I feel as though this is a superpower.  You better recognize.

Last night was mostly uneventful.  This is never a bad thing as it means people aren't getting worse.  It's funny.  When you work in health care, you know you should want to be bored because it means people aren't getting sick or injured.  But you're still bored.  But you can't really wish to be not bored because that's kind of the same as wishing people would get sick or injured...and that's fucked up.  

Oh HAY!  I got a free meal from the boss man today.  Turns out one of the unit nurses wrote up what we call a "Pat on the Back" card for me and my tech.  I guess we're the bees knees, so I got a little certificate and a lunch card.  Gave me a warm fuzzy...I feel like we put the hammer down so often, it's nice to get some positive recognition for the job we try to do.  

I ate the last of the Cottage Pie at midnight.  Uh, I forgot to photograph it before.
I think it was delicious.

Around 3am I got out my snack.  These oranges are almost all gone now.  I need to go to Costco and get another 13#.  Which will last me approximately 15 minutes.  I also had some cheese, because this is Wisconsin and the Packers won.  I think it's the law.

Even the cheese is orange.

I had 2 mini-cream puffs last night.  I spaced taking a picture.  They were about the size of a half dollar. Also pretty tasty.

I made my forgotten protein shake from yesterday for "breakfast" at around 6:30.  I was feeling empty and I have a hard time sleeping with a completely empty stomach.  

White chocolate peppermint.

When I got home I was feeling unsatisfied, so I made some bacon.  Because I love bacon.  

Hey, it's not a donut.

I was unconscious before 8am.  Got up around 1pm because I was volunteering at the boys' school today and I had to be sure I made it because I completely forgot the last time (I am a great parent) and they were pretty anxious about it this morning.  You know the shitty thing?  I cook, I clean, I do laundry, I volunteer at the school, I play games and read and haven't ever beaten or killed them.  What they're going to remember?  The fact that ONE TIME when they were 4 years old, I forgot my volunteer day at school.  Sigh.

Anyway, I ate an orange and walked over to the school.

Seriously, if the next box isn't this good I'm going to be fucking sad.

So I did my motherly duty, crisis averted, made some pictures with some kids and stapled some books together.  Walked home, and got on the treader.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but I wanted to do 5 miles to bring today's total up to 6 and it still gets dark relatively early so I opted to treadmill it.

I passed the time watching a documentary about the English monarchy.  Because I'm a history dork.  

Ok, I"m pretty much just a regular dork.

Fantastic husband made supper while I was dicking around on the treader.  Salisbury steak with cauliflower mash and mushroom gravy.  Looks like meat and potatoes, is really meat and veg.  

It's better every time he makes it.

Then I hustled down to DePere for hot yoga.  My hips really needed the stretch, but my hair always looks ridiculous after all that sweating, and let me tell you...I smell fantastic.


Hustled home, hugged the kids, helped fantastic husband wash the dog (THAT WAS SO FUN), update the blog...and now it's time to wash, get dressed, and head back to the salt mine.

Good thing I already packed my lunch.

Maybe tomorrow I'll just sleep and knit socks.

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