Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blogging 2015: 55 down, 1960 to go

Last night was one of those nights.  Short staffed, not super busy, but weird crap all night long.  I indulged in a handful of these to cheer myself up.

And they were delicious.

But then they got cold so I tossed the rest.  I ran around a bit for a couple of hours, IVs, stock outs, phone calls.  Didn't get my "lunch" until closer to 1:30.  

Leftovers again.

I only ate about half of it.  I just wasn't feeling it. So I poked around online for some clip art to jazz up a presentation, read some CE, and attempted to start reviewing for my CNSC re-up.  It's not until next year, but it's a lot of material.  That was a pretty huge snooze fest.  So I ate some pineapple.

My only regret is I didn't have more.

Today was an overlap day with fantastic husband, so he dropped the kids off at the hospital and I set them up with cartoons while I finished my shift.  When I was done we went down to the cafeteria and had breakfast.  I was straight up starving by that point, because for some reason I didn't make my protein shake.  Oh well, it's in the fridge for tomorrow.


The bacon was perfect this morning.  Melt in your mouth crispy.  Ham & cheese omelet, fruit, and coffee rounded out my breakfast.  Whenever we eat in the cafeteria, the kids always pester me for donuts.  Because we only do this once or twice a month, I usually get one for them to split.  Today I got myself one as well, because this is a custard filled long john from Uncle Mike's and it is my fucking favorite.

I regret nothing.

And that's pretty much it.  That's all I ate today.  In my defense I was full to the point of discomfort when we got home.  Since it was 40 degrees warmer than yesterday I suited up the kids and the dog and we went for a walk right away.  2 miles.  It was so fucking beautiful outside.  The fact that I didn't get to go for a super long run today makes me grumpy.  Lack of sleep is also making me grumpy.  BUT, we got the 2 miles and some fresh air so it wasn't a total loss.  I don't have a picture of the walk because I forgot my phone.  It would've just been a picture of adorable children with rosy cheeks and expressions of whining displeasure on their faces.

During the walk we had this conversation:

Spawn: Someone cut down a tree!
Me: Yup, that's a Christmas tree.  People with real trees take them out to the curb after Christmas.
Spawn: But why did they cut it down?
Me: Well, it's kind of hard to grow a pine tree indoors, so they're grown on tree farms and cut down for Christmas.  Then they plant new ones.  There's a tree farm on the hilltop, remember?
Spawn:  There's a TREE FARM?  On the hill?  Can we go up the hill?
Me: Not today, you'll just whine that you're tired.
Spawn: No.  I'm never tired.
Me:  Right.  

Of note, we had this conversation every time we encountered a Christmas tree on the curb. This exact conversation. Since the whole neighborhood took their trees down this week, I think I repeated myself about 15 times.  In two miles.   I was starting to think I was having a stroke.

Then, when we were about 400m from home, this gem:

Spawn: Mommy, my legs are so tired. 
Other spawn (with tears and the whole nine): Mommy, I want to go home, I'm so tired. 
Still other spawn: Mom, how much further are we going to go?  I'm tired.

None of them understood why I started laughing.  Now, you might be thinking What kind of harridan forces her children to Baatan death march 2 miles in the freezing cold?  Well, that would be me.  In my defense, we walk that loop pretty frequently, and it took fully 45 minutes to do it, plus I let them play in the snow.  I am a great parent.

I could've gotten on the treader for a few miles this evening, but I'm pretty tired.  Tomorrow is another day-one that I'll hopefully get more sleep during.  My plan is to sleep for 3 or 4 hours in the morning and then get my miles.  I've got to volunteer at the school tomorrow afternoon, then hopefully sleep a bit more, then go to yoga to loosen up a bit.  

Right now I'm going to kick this chair back and try to doze for a bit before it's time to shower up.  Today is "hump day" and it's all downhill from there.  

Oh, and in a month I'll be learning to surf in Barbados.  I'm pretty sure Barbados isn't ready for this jelly.

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