Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blogging 2015: 135 down, 1880 to go

Missed yesterday because there was pretty much nothing to say.  Not much to say today either, except that my juice fast is ending and I'm going to do my best to apply the lessons I've learned to eating going forward.

I had a little popcorn today as my transition back to solid food.  It was tasty, and didn't take much to make me feel full.  I had the initial urge to go back for seconds, but I squelched it, which is a pretty huge win. I also had three little squares of pizza.  They were delicious, but repeated on me for about 2 hours.  Bleh.

I did 3ish miles on the treader yesterday (had intended 5, but was just not feeling it) and about a mile or mile-and-a-halfish walk this morning just because I wanted some air and it was nice out.  By rights I should've gotten on the treader for some extra miles this evening, but I slept badly today and didn't want to be flat out exhausted going into tonight.  I'll get a nap tomorrow afternoon, and since I'm off for the next 7 days it's game on in the gym, the yoga studio, and on the road.

So the result of the juice fast was a loss of 6.5 pounds over 7 days and my waist reducing by an inch.  Most of this was probably water, but weight is weight and water is what gives me that uncomfortable puffy feeling so I'm fine with water loss.  I also realized that I do a shitty job of hydrating at home.  At work I'm downing water and tea all night.  At home?  I barely drink, which may be why I seem to be always eating.  I rarely snack at work.

Overall, I liked the juice fast and I'm glad I did it.  I don't know that I'd do it again, but never say never.  If nothing else I've learned a good way to shoehorn veggies into my diet when I'm feeling lazy.

And I'm absolutely getting that fucking Vitamix.

As a side note, I was surfing around yesterday on Athleta and a few other sites including Pinterest for ideas on a bathing suit bottom that is appropriate for watersports.  You know, not some shitty crocheted string bottom.  Something useful. That also won't cut into my thigh and hip fat and make me look fatter.  That is a challenging thing, let me tell you.  What I discovered searching around Pinterest is about a billion photos of "plus sized" women in bikinis.  Plus sized defined as size 10/12 (which I am) and up. You know what?  They all looked totally fine. In fact, a lot of them looked great.  Like I probably wouldn't have looked twice except to think "cute suit".  I even ran across a picture of a woman in an orange 2 piece with measurements almost identical to my own (except I have a bigger bra band size-giant rib cage ftw) and the first thing I thought before I realized that was "Wow!  She looks great! I wish I looked like that!"  


One of these days I'm going to stop being so damn critical of myself.  One of these days.

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