Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blogging 2015: 71.3 down, 1943.7 to go

Today is my transition day.  That means this is going to be short and sweet as I'm exhausted and will probably be asleep by 7pm.

Last night I packed the last of the salisbury steak and cuali mash for my midnight meal.  It was a lot of food.

Tastes better than it looks.

Had a little snack around 3am.

Apples, sunbutter, and mint tea.

I had forgotten about my protein shake the other day, so I had it for breakfast this morning.

My shift ended early today since my shift overlapped the shift of the woman who keeps my house from burning down over night.  The good news with that is I didn't have to deal with the temptation of oatmeal cake in the cafeteria.  

I took the dog for a quick walk this morning. She's pretty much back to herself, full of bouncing boundless energy.  We did a couple of miles.

She's supposed to be taking it easy. HA.

I knitted for a bit afterwards.  I shouldn't do anything requiring concentration when I'm tired, because I'm fairly certain I fucked it up pretty badly.  I learned my lesson though, I won't try to fix it until I'm more rested.

After dropping the boys off at 4k, fantastic husband and I went for a nice walk.  It was a beautiful day.  I thought about running, but I hurt so I opted out.

4.3 miles of fresh air.

After the kids came home and had their snack I started to sundown.  I was freezing and tired, so I put on my big sweats, laid down on the couch, and promptly fell asleep.  The dog joined me.

My ass makes a dandy pillow, apparently.

Fantastic husband made supper.

Curried chicken and spaghetti squash.

And now I'm struggling to stay awake through Jeopardy.  Because I'm old.

Tomorrow I'm planning a trip to the box at 0515 and yoga at 1730.  I'll either walk or run depending on...factors.  The kids don't have school, so they'll probably spend all day in their jammies.

Yikes.  I'm spent.


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