Friday, January 2, 2015

Blogging 2015: 11.8 down 2003.2 to go

Today I was home with the kids while the husband is at work.  They slept until almost 7am which is borderline miraculous.  My tasks for today were pretty domestic...enough laundry to crush a small horse, putting the finishing touches on a knitted cowl, feeding and watering the spawn.  I'm happy to report that I managed all of them pretty handily.  Oh, and I had to find time to get my daily miles in.

Things I learned:
1. Tiny clothes mean the laundry basket never empties.  I fold 251 t-shirts?  Not a dent made in the stuff left to fold.  Folding kid laundry is soul sucking.
2. Children that run ahead of you and have to be called back for their own safety in the summer? Will require a fucking tow rope to keep up in the winter.
3. The sound of little boots scuffing the pavement is akin to fingernails on a chalkboard.
4. Cashmere makes a gorgeous cowl.  Soft as angel's wings.

My fantastic husband made egg bake while I was traipsing around the upper midwest, so I started the day off right.
See?  All nutritiony and shit.

After breakfast and the first round of laundry, I bundled the kids up and took the dog for a walk.  It was actually sunny today for a change.  Cold, but we can't stay inside when the sky is so blue.  So they scuff-scuff-scuffed and I drag-drag-dragged and we got a little air and exercise.

Had a couple of coconut/date bits for a snack.  My mom always sends us a tray of dried fruit at Christmas, and these are just dates and unsweetened coconut mashed up together.  Pretty tasty.  Like candy for boring people.

Nom nom nom

Fantastic husband also made beef jerky the other day.  I love meat cookies.

Just the right amount of chewy.

I'm often at a loss for lunch ideas when we don't have specified left overs.  This was just sort of cobbled together.  Homemade ranch, peppers, and a bacon burger.

Not bad.

While the next round of laundry was in, I sent the kids upstairs to "nap" and hopped on Satan's conveyor belt for a little Doctor Who and mileage.  This is my disastrous basement.  It looks better than usual.

It doesn't get much sexier.  Hide your boyfriends.

When I'd had enough fun on the treader, I headed upstairs and decided to make a batch of maple vanilla almonds.  I wouldn't have had to, but fantastic husband ate the batch I made the other day.  These are super simple.  1/3c pure maple syrup, 1tsp vanilla extract, 2c raw almonds.  Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until the maple sugar crystallizes.  Then dump in a bowl and let cool.  These are paleo, as the sugar is natural, and they are a nice little sweet treat without falling off the wagon.  Only takes about 8 minutes.

Get in mah belly!

After the smalls "woke up" they raided the cupboard for a snack and I bundled them up for another dog walk.  It was warmer, it was still sunny, and I wanted a little extra mileage.  This challenge is good for the whole family.  We walked a bit, then came home to another round of laundry for me and cartoons for the kids.  Dinner was a Wildtree freezer meal "Not so sloppy sliders".  Kids had them on buns, I had them on a sweet potato.  Not bad.

The kids actually ATE them. 
There is clearly a disturbance in the force.

Oh!  I finally finished my Sherlock cowl!  The pattern is the wallpaper from the BBC Sherlock version of 221B Baker St. complete with skull motif at the top.  It's like buttah.  Needs a bit of blocking, though, to make the stitches more even.

New work neckwear for the cold, cold nights.

So with 2 dog walks and some treadmill time, my total mileage for today was 5.6.  Woot.  My goal is to stay on top of the daily mileage so I don't fall behind.  Tomorrow I'll shoot for another 10k distance.  I don't give a shit if it's cold, but it would be fucking fantastic if the sun stayed around.  

A productive day.  I'll take it.

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