Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blogging 2015: 107 down, 1908 to go

I had little visitors at 6am again this morning.  Little visitors demanding pancakes.  I make pancakes fairly frequently, I guess.  They love them and they are super easy to make.  I don't use a mix (seriously, what's in that stuff?) and I think my way is actually faster.  I've been using a Nigella Lawson recipe forever.  I have it memorized, which makes prep even quicker.

2 eggs
1&1/3 c milk
1tbsp baking powder
2 tbsp butter, melted
1tsp sugar (optional)
1&1/2 c flour

Place all ingredients in blender and blitz.  Then pour on a griddle and cook.  This would be a lousy smoothie.

While the kids chowed down I cut out frog clothes.  For real.  The boys had "homework" in the form of "Hey parent, cut out all this stuff so the kids can use it on Wednesday."  I of course had 2 sets to cut, and let me tell cutting skills are rusty.  I was going to type "my scissoring skills" but I don't want to start rumors.

Breakfast for me was oats and raspberries this morning with a nice cup of strong tea.
Warm and comforting.

I went south to pick up some stuff for tomorrow and got myself a juice for the ride home.  It's beets, apples, and limes.  It was pretty damn tasty.  Also oddly filling.  I did have a moment of panic later in the day when I peed pink.  I was all "AAAAHHH!  Blood!" and then remembered "NOOOO.  Beets."

Pretty colors.

I got home and fantastic husband and I decided to do something we've talked about for ages.  We walked to the Settlement bar and had lunch and a beer.  It's about 1.75 miles from our house to the Settlement.  We walked up there, had a big beer and shared some cheese curds and I had a haddock sandwich.  It was all delicious.  I don't think I've had a beer since Tyranena.  Then we walked back the long way and picked up the kids at school.  Total distance was 4.64 miles.  Not too shabby.  It was a pretty nice day out.

Dinner was Bora Bora Fireballs from Well Fed.  This is a recipe we've talked about for years but have never made.  They were tasty, kinda kicky.  Fantastic husband said they'd make a dandy appetizer if you cut the size down and I agreed.  

And an orange, because orange.

After supper and kid wrangling I hopped on the treadmill to round my distance up to 7 on the day.  I have no photographic proof as my phone was on the charger, so you'll have to take my word for it.  

Then I folded some laundry, knitted a bit of sock, and am getting ready to turn in.  Plan for tomorrow is to hit the box at 0515, then run while the kids are at gym day.  I have to get a nap tomorrow at some point so I'm not dragging all night.  Especially since Friday morning will be eaten up taking the dog to have her stitches removed.

This dog.  The one that thinks she's a person.

Ok, off to dreamland.  Yawn.

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