Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Blogging 2015: 38.5 down, 1976.5 to go

Today started early with a trip to the box at Oh-Dark-Thirty (okay, it was 0430 for 0515 class), but it was pretty dark.  Today was mobility day so we did a running-clock workout with plenty of cardio and bodyweight exercises.  And smashing.  Smashing is the same principle as foam rolling, only it involves a partner and lots of screaming.  Well, if you're me it involves lots of screaming.  Yesterday I covered 10 miles, so my legs were...shall we say...sore.  Now lay me down on the floor with an abmat under my knee and have a small (but mighty) person drive her sharp little toes and heels into my quads.  I screamed like a child.  I gave birth to twins without the benefit of an epidural.  I rated that a 6 out of 10.  Smashing is easily an 8.  We also did lat smashing (a different, but equally sharp toed small-and-mighty type person), and some self inflicted pain in the form of thoracic smashing in which you lie on a pair of lacrosse balls and press the narrow edge of a 25 pound plate into your sternum.  I squeaked during the lat smashing...thoracic wasn't as bad but laughing while holding a 25 pound plate balanced on your bra line is ill advised.

Here's a picture from CF.  It's my 1RM (One Rep Max) for several lifts.  Not big numbers, but they go up bit by bit for the most part.

Hey, it's a fuckload more than I could lift 2 years ago.

On the way to the box I had an orange.  See?


When I got home after the WOD I had some of my quinoa stuff from the other day with a splash of almond milk and a drizzle of maple syrup.


Then I sat on my ass and finished my coffee for a bit.  Husband went to CME and I got on the treadmill for 4 easy miles.  I was trying to get a shot with both my totally make-up free, slightly salty face and the scene on the treadmill screen behind me.  It's a beach.  What I ended up with was a pretty overt down-the-shirt shot. Ummm...I'm either sorry or you're welcome.  You pick.

I need some eyebrows.  Damn my mother's genes.

Then I hopped off the treader, pulled on my sweats and went to core focus yoga.  On the way I ate an orange.  See previous photo of orange.  Laurel came up with some new evil exercises to challenge us, I'm sure sneezing will be fun tomorrow.  On the upside, my balance is clearly improving.  I was able to balance on a block and transition from Warrior 3 to standing weighted crunches to tree and back into a lunge without falling over.  On my left side even!  I mean, I fell over during class, but not during that sequence.  I skipped a lot of the chaturangas today after yesterday's shoulder beating and this morning's pull-ups and push-ups.  I got stuck on the blocks doing chaturanga push-ups.  That shit is embarrassing.  HOWEVER.  I did not fart in downward dog and that is made of win.

No sweaty selfie, but you can see my fucked up toes.

I got home around noon and was really hungry, so I made breakfast for lunch.  Eggs, bacon, mango, and two paleo pancakes made into a sandwich with Sunbutter.  Let me tell you, that was fucking delightful. I put some cheese into the eggs which is a paleo no-no, but since I really wanted to buy a wheel of triple cream brie and just smash it into my face I'm going to call this a win.

Gotta have some bacon.  It's the law.

Then I decided I should maybe just sit down for a minute.  So I did.  I watched some DVRd Daily Show and worked on my sock.  I also enjoyed a handful of maple vanilla walnuts.  I did not share with this needy ass dog.


Finished up my left sock.

Now I have to make the right one.  What a pain in the ass.

Had another snack because I am a fucking Hobbit.


Fantastic husband made one of my all time favorites.  Paleo Pad Thai from Well Fed.  Sweet chocolate Christ this shit is good.  It is a party in my mouth.  And there's leftovers!  Yay!

Extra spicy.

So that was my day.  A little less mileage, but after yesterday I figured a dial back was in order.  Tomorrow I go back to work, so the only exercise I do is likely to be my run while the kids are at school.  If I'm a very lucky girl I'll get a nap.  Now the challenge is to transition my schedule and still keep up my mileage.  I'm planning to do my runs as soon as I get home before going to sleep so that it's out of the way.  If we could get some non-deadly temps that would help quite a bit, but if I end up bonding with Torvald the Treader then so be it.  I'm going to cover these miles, one way or another.


  1. Way to attack all the excercise! Seriously, impressive.

  2. oh my god, i made that exact same pad thai two nights ago, and my other friend had it last night too. we're all on some weird wavelength together.