Saturday, January 17, 2015

Blogging 2015: 84 down, 1931 to go

I stayed up until 9pm last night!  That's almost a normal adult bedtime.  I'm a little impressed that I made it that long.  This morning I had two little visitors in my bed at around 6am.  It always starts out so cute, with little fingers tangled in my hair and cuddles.  Then the inevitable question: "What'ssss for breakfasssst?"

And because I am apparently a short order cook, suggestions are immediately bandied about.  Chocolate chip pancakes! No! Blueberry pancakes! Eggs! Cereal! Wait, would you make cinnamon rolls?

So I sent them down the hall to get dressed and hoped for some toaster waffles.  When I got out of bed I felt like I got a roundhouse straight to the spine by Chuck Norris himself.  I could barely bend.  That is a sad state.  My hamstrings were tight, but that's no big deal.  I wondered what the hell had gone wrong (I do have kind of a bad back in that I have scoliosis and sometimes things slip out of alignment) and hustled downstairs to foam roll on the toothy foam roller of doom.

Hurts so good.

So I rolled and stretched and's not my back.  It's my stupid fucking uterus.  Fucking up my life yet again.

The kids came downstairs and I made toaster waffles and peeled a couple of oranges.  For myself I made a couple of fried eggs, some bacon, and some mango.  You'll have to take my word for it.

I was hungry.

I took the kids with me to CF this morning.  They had a blast with the other kids and I practically had to pry them out of there.  The workout was brutal, even scaled down pretty considerably for my shouty back and my partner's gimpy knee.  Still, I'm glad I went.  I need to get the boys signed up for CrossFit Kids.  They'll be 5 in 2 short months!

Everyone got a workout.

I wasn't feeling much for lunch, so I had a jumped up snack. Brie, berries, and maple glazed pecans.

I. Love. Brie.

I sent the kids upstairs to "nap" which is asinine because they hardly ever do, but if I'm lucky I can at least get a little quiet time out of them.  Today their nap was my treadmill time. 40 degrees out and I'm on the fucking mill.  

I watched "Married at First Sight: The First Year" while I ran.  Last year fantastic husband and I watched a show called Married at First Sight about three couples who were matched up by experts but didn't meet until their wedding day.  It was fascinating.  I understand there's going to be a second season.  You know I'll be watching that shit.  Probably on the treadmill.  

After my run I had an orange.


Gave the kids a snack then took the dog out for a walk.  It was amazingly warm and wonderful outside, and I was really looking forward to a nice leisurely walk.  When am I going to learn that walking with the kids is a soul sucking activity?  I've never thought of myself as an optimist, but I must be, because I always start out thinking what a nice day it is and how great the fresh air will be.  Then I end up either literally dragging children along, or shouting at them to stop sprinting down the sidewalk out of sight.  Today I did both.  The boys were rocketing down the sidewalk...and the girl was dragging ass behind me, whining all the way.  So instead of doing a nice 2-3 mile walk we got 1.2 and I got a headache and lost the will to live.  

At least we tired out the dog.

Dinner was Wildtree Adobo chicken and cumin roasted carrots.  The chicken was kickier than anticipated, which I heard some significant whining about.  I liked it.  The carrots got mixed reviews.  "These carrots smell weird" "These are delicious, is there cinnamon on these?" "I tried a bite of this carrot, and I don't like it at all".  I thought they were good, and a nice change up from just plain veggies.  

Like carrot fries.

I did some dishes and some cooking today, but that's about it. I had big plans for other cleaning, but there's always tomorrow, right?  I did some knitting.  That's kind of domestic.

This was another good week.  To recap:
Goal: CrossFit 2 days Achieved
Goal: Yoga 2 days Achieved
Goal: Run every day Achieved

Now I shall set up a movie and make some popcorn for the ungrateful brat brigade.

Is it time for vacation yet?

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