Saturday, January 10, 2015

Blogging 2015: 53 down, 1962 to go

Another day, another dollar.  Decent night last night, but it was near arctic cold in the pharmacy which is always fun.  I've been wearing my Sherlock cowl nonstop at work, and it works pretty handily to keep me from needing 2 jackets and a warm blanket from the floor.  Next time I'm going to knit a friggin' poncho so I can basically work wearing my pajamas and a blanket.  I live a stretchy pants and blanket wearing kind of life.

Started at midnight with my lunch.  Hot food is essential working overnight.  A salad or a sandwich just doesn't do it for me.  I end up feeling cold and unsatisfied and casting around for something else to eat.  My husband has always had this thing where it's not a meal if it's not hot and I sort of dismissed it, because I'm fine with a sandwich or a salad.  During the day.  Not so much at night.

Leftover stroganoff.

I had the last of the raspberries and some mango for my mid-morning snack.  I love mango, but I hate peeling them, so Costco's handy precut mangoes are a favorite.

Sweet like candy.

 Around 5 I went in for a little jerky and the omnipresent orange.  I'm almost out of oranges.  I'll probably starve to death.

Last of the jerky.  Tear.

7am post-work/pre-sleep protein shake.  Chocolate today.


Came home and opted to go right to sleep again as after scraping the ice off my car I couldn't feel my hands or feet and crawling under a comforter sounded like a great idea.  Got 6 and a half solid hours of sleep. Winning.  When I woke up, I grabbed a snack and got on the treadmill.

Look familiar?

I only did 4 miles today, nice and easy.  Tomorrow is an awake day and I don't want to be completely worn out when I go to work tonight.  In fact, I might go try to grab a couple hours sleep before going in.  My hair is driving me absolutely bonkers right now.  Too long to not put back, too short for a ponytail.  I must resist the urge to shave my head.  I have a pointy wouldn't be a good look.

I didn't put on make-up to get on the treader.  
This is yesterday's make-up that I couldn't be bothered to remove.

Fantastic husband made chowder for dinner.  Sweet potato chicken jalapeno chowder.  I have no idea where he got the recipe, sorry.  I just ate, I didn't ask questions.  It was tasty, spicy, and filling.  

Also it needed salt.

This Patriots/Ravens game has been pretty interesting.  I'm debating staying up to watch the end.  

Fuck it.  I'm going to sleep.  

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