Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 10

Today was the last day of normalish weather before we head into the deep freeze of '14.  Tomorrow the Packers will play the 49ers in "OH MAH GAH THE SECOND COMING OF THE ICE BOWL".  People are freaking the fuck out about the cold.  Yep.  It's going to be crazy cold.  Some real SciFi ice planet shit.  75 below wind chills in some areas. 

I'm going to be inside wearing all my clothes.  All of them.

Today seemed like a good day to make chicken soup since a few of us are under the weather.  Tomorrow we'll have chili, which has the advantage of being both football food and cold weather food.  Mmmm....chili.

I was both ambitious and supremely lazy with food today. For breakfast I made Paleo waffles from Paleo Parents.  They're just an apple, a banana, almond butter, eggs, and a little vanilla and arrowroot.  Very tasty, and have the added advantage of making a sizeable batch.  These freeze really well and popped in the toaster for a few seconds, make a really great breakfast on the go.  I also had bacon.  Because bacon.

My husband doesn't put butter on waffles either.  That's what the fucking nooks and crannies are for!
For lunch I cobbled together some leftovers for the kids, but I wasn't feeling ham, so I just fished around for some stuff in the fridge.  Lo and behold, I actually successfully peeled eggs! For the first time in ages!  It wasn't fast, but beggars can't be choosers.

Lazy, lazy lunch.
I'm a little under the weather, so I've been drinking lots of water and tea.  This afternoon while the kids were NOT napping, I made myself some medicinal tea.  I SAID MEDICINAL TEA.

Shit.  Maybe I am an alcoholic.

I made chicken stock this morning with some frozen carcasses we had saved.  I usually toss in an onion, some old carrots, a lemon, a few celery stalks, some garlic, and some salt and let 'er go.  I poached some chicken thighs for the meat and after straining the stock did my usual soup base of celery, onions, and garlic.  I love the flavor of onions and celery, but I hate the texture of both of them.  I get around this by dicing them into oblivion then sweating them in butter and garlic until they pretty much dissolve.  This time I added carrots and green beans with the chicken because my kids have no objection to either one of those and I didn't feel like listening to whining.  They ate it, so it worked.  I made noodles for the smalls' soup, mine was without.

Yes, I had six saltines with butter.  Sue me. 
I made myself a dessert for later.  Pumpkin cake in a mug from PaleOMG. I modify it by adding raisins, but it's really easy and I had small quantities of pumpkin and coconut milk to use up, and this recipe is great for that.  I haven't eaten it yet, but I probably will.

Like autumn in your face.
Extremely undoctored photo below.  Hide your children.
You are about to look at a completely unretouched photo of a 36 year old mother of three.  She is not wearing makeup and her hair is not done.  Prepare yourself.  It's pretty brutal.
This picture is to make a point.  Clothing sizes are horseshit.  This is me wearing size 12 skinny jeans and an EXTRA LARGE Lurong t-shirt.  That's right.  Extra large.  I am extra large.  Wait.  No I'm not.  Clothing sizes are FUCKED.  I have a size small t-shirt that fits me only slightly tighter than this shirt.  I have two medium shirts that are SO DIFFERENT that I actually thought I'd received the wrong size on one of them.  I registered for a half marathon yesterday with a finisher's jacket sizing chart that directed me to order a SMALL jacket.  What. The. Fuck.  My take home is this:  Buy the clothes that fucking fit you.  No one sees the tag but you, so who gives a shit what size they are?
It's a pretty nice shirt though.  Check out my rack.
Now that you have seen the horror that is a middle aged woman without benefit of makeup or good lighting, you'll probably want to go scrub your brain.  I warned you!
I am deeply looking forward to an early bedtime tonight.  Chicken soup restores the soul, but sleep is good for the body.  Until tomorrow!


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