Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 36

Once again I'm catching vomit.  This time it's the girl child.  She hasn't tossed her cookies since she had appendicitis in 2012, and seeing as she had the damn thing removed at that point I'm pretty sure she doesn't have that again.  If this follows our usual pattern, she'll be right as rain (and starving) by morning.  I think being a RA in college made me immune to barf.  I used to be a sympathetic barfer, but after you've seen a shitload of twentysomethings technicolor yawn all over the place, you kind of get over that.  Having kids just reinforced it.  Oh, you're barfing?  Here's a bucket, try not to get any on the carpet m'kay? M'kay.

I ended up leaving work early and my co-worker covered my call tonight.  I truly hope this is resolved tomorrow, because I hate calling in sick for work (especially when it's not me that's sick).

On to the menu!
I used the biscuit/bun things I made last night for an egg sandwich this morning.  These are very much suited for that purpose.  It was perfect!  I missed egg sandwiches, and now I have them as an option again.  Yay!

Egg McMuffins can suck it.

I got a pretty good deal on some really nice grapes.  I always just cram the bag of them into my lunch box.  I should probably wash them or something, but I never have...and I never will.  

I like my grapes with snap...and pesticide.

Finally finished up the pizza casserole for lunch.  I had doubled the recipe, so there was quite a bit.  I took the last two pieces to work today.  I'm making this one again.  It was great.

I remembered to take a picture before destroying it today.

I got the "come get your puking kid" call at around 2:30pm, so I got the girl child, got the boys, and made it home.  It was hot dog night for the kids (the boys loooooooooove hot dogs) and I just sort of cobbled together stuff from the fridge and the counters.  I had a fresh pineapple I cut up for them, so I had a little of that, they asked for peas so I had some of those too.  There were a couple of leftover chorizo in the fridge so I just nuked them and called it good.  It's not like I really tasted any of it, and I had to get up twice to empty barf buckets.

Pretty good pineapple, though.

Historically in these situations I would open the pantry and power down a sleeve of cookies.  Instead tonight I made myself a coconut milk latte and ate some dates to kill the sweet craving.  It worked, fortunately.

I might go back for more.

It's kind of funny that we seem to be so prone to stomach viruses around here.  It gives the impression that we're sick all the time.  I think it's just seems worse because two of my kids are twins and they tend to get sick together or in rapid succession.  My daughter has had a couple of "What the fuck?!?" illnesses/injuries over the course of her life (a seizure following a barfing virus at 18mos, an appendectomy at 5, and a broken arm at 6),  but aside from that has rarely been ill.  One of my sons has had antibiotics exactly once, right around his first birthday for an ear infection.  The other has never had antibiotics, and for a nearly 4 year old that's not too shabby. We do barf a lot, but in the grand scheme that's pretty minor.  For all that its messy.  And poorly timed.  And highly contagious.  By the time the kids are grown they'll have cast iron stomachs.

We're going to have to replace every fucking carpet in this place.  FYI fruit snack barf never comes out of carpeting.  Never.

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