Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 21

Well, they say it's 21 days to make a habit, and here we are.  Is clean eating a habit now?  I'd say so.  I haven't had any grain for 21 days, very minimal dairy, only naturally occurring sugars (maple syrup and raw honey and not every day) and minimal-ish alcohol all of the fruit variety except for one beer and one cup of medicinal tea.  I SAID MEDICINAL TEA.

I can honestly say I'm dealing better with cravings, either by finding more acceptable alternatives or just ignoring them until they go away.  I haven't caved to donuts or pizza or sweet coffee drinks, and I'm proud of that.  The box challenge starts on Sunday, and I'm ready.

I'll be at a conference for 5 days starting Friday.  It's a nutrition conference (not a "hey fatty lose a few" conference, more of a "your baby has no small bowel so here's some PN" conference), but last year the food options weren't great.  From a Paleo standpoint they were downright awful.  Sandwiches, salads with croutons and cruddy dressing, and an afternoon froyo stand.  "Fat Free!"  AKA "Chemical Shit Storm".  No thanks.  Oh, and I got charged $2 for a banana at concessions.  Crazy.  Today I went to Target and picked up some alternative snacks that I can easily carry with me.  Carrots, freeze dried fruit, raisins, nuts, prosciutto, and a few Larabars.  I got excited when I saw dried strawberries until I realized they were sweetened.  Why the everliving fuck to strawberries need sugar?  Especially dried strawberries.  Like fruit is inedible unless it's made hypersweet.  I figure I'll round that out with a few apples and clementines and I'll have plenty of whole food options for mid-day munching.  For meals there are a million restaurants around the hotel.  I'm sure at least one of them will serve me a steak and veggies or some fish.  I'm debating visiting Paula Deen's restaurant.  I wonder what racism tastes like.  I imagine it tastes like butter.

On to the menu!
Pre-WOD I had a banana and coffee.  You'll have to take my word for it.  I almost fell asleep behind the wheel on the way across town at 4:45am and tried to eat the banana without peeling it.  It's not the first time.

Post-WOD (it was a good one, I was really tired but relieved to be feeling semi-normal) I had real breakfast

Chicken fetuses and bacon, plus coffee with coconut milk 
(blended with my stick blender to make it frothy)

We had a long meeting this morning and by the time it was over I was ravenous.  I sort of forgot to take a picture of my lunch until it was mostly gone.  It was beautiful, I swear.

Leftover Thai Basil Beef.

Dinner tonight was an old standby dish in our house.  Spaghetti (squash) and meatsauce.  My wonderful husband makes it with half beef/half pork and it's awesome.  I don't know what's all in it, as he never records that shit.  It was good though.  I indulged in a little sprinkle of real parm.  Also I poured wine.  I'm still looking at it an hour later.  It's not that I don't want to drink it, I just...don't care about it?  Who am I?

It's meat!  It's veg!  It's delicious!

The Reds are coming in for a home stand, so I'm all about sweet chocolatey things.  I had a couple of cookies.  I can't stress enough how magical these are.  Seriously, I know they look like poop, but they must taste like angel poop.

Get. In. Mah. Belly!

So I walked by this at Target and had to get it.  I love this shit.  I may eat some of it out of the jar later.  Not much.  Just a little.  DON'T JUDGE ME!!

So lovely.

Oh, I also ate some jerky-see?
I should have packed more.

So, yeah.  That was my day.  I continue to feel better, and I was really happy to get a workout in this morning.  Tomorrow should be the speed session I skipped on Tuesday, and I may go for an afternoon run on Friday to get the lay of the land in Savannah.  I've never been, and it's supposed to be a lovely day on Friday.  The conference starts bright and early on Saturday morning and I'll pretty much be in class all day.  Wish me luck keeping on the straight and narrow!

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