Friday, January 10, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 16

The kids got to play outside today.  I am insanely jealous.  I'm at the point where looking at the walls of my office makes me want to walk into Lake Michigan.  Except it's frozen over.  FOILED AGAIN!!

I didn't make it to the gym this morning, which kind of sucks, but it's hard to make it on the husband's work day as he leaves at 6:30am and my class is over at 6:15am and we live 20-25 min from the gym.  See the problem?  Sometimes I can make it work, but with not feeling super well and facing a day of flying solo at the office I opted for sleep.  The plan is to take the whole clan tomorrow morning, we'll see how that works out.  Last time is was trauma city.

The menu today was all about laziness and convenience.

Still haven't made it through all these waffles.  
I told you this recipe makes a huge batch!

I tried the pumpkin spice creamer this morning.  It was actually very good.  I'm thinking the spices translate better into coffee (at least the super dark stuff I drink) than plain vanilla flavor does.  I liked it.  It was fiddly to make, but I might do it again.

Since I have a stupid head cold, my morning snack consisted of 800mg of ibuprofen, 120mg of SR pseudoephedrine, 10mg of cetirazine, and a shitload of tea with raw honey.  I was so busy this morning that I didn't even get to make my damn tea until almost 9:30am and I didn't drink it until after 10am.  By the time lunch rolled around I was staaaaaarving.

Tea.  Not super filling.

 So I forgot to take a picture of my lunch before I ate it.  There was approximately three times this much food in the container.  Oops.
Citrus carnitas and broccoli. Magical.

A friend had asked me this week about some jerky (aka meat candy) I brought along on a Ragnar.  Namely, how we made it. I was able to tell her we used ground beef and a food dehydrator, but my husband spiced it and he never writes shit down so I was clueless as to the mixture.  So that got me wanting jerky.  So my husband made some.  He googled a marinade mixture, modified it to be Paleo (ie, no soy sauce which for some reason is in every damn jerky recipe) and made me some jerky.  What a swell guy.  It was pretty good!

I don't like to jaw my jerky to death, so we make it a little bit soft.
Ground beef works great for that.

Pardon the stock photo of these clementines.  I consumed the ones I brought before taking their picture.

I've said before that the kids aren't "Paleo".  We feed them plenty of balanced meals, but they get "kid food" from time to time, too.  This includes fast food.  Generally about once a month the kids visit the golden arches.  I know that shit is awful, but they eat it only rarely, and when they realize that's where we're going they go apeshit.  It's hilarious.  Instant happiness.  I pretty much lived on fast food during my college career (well, fast food and ramen) and I quit it cold turkey my last year of grad school.  During my grown up life I've eaten it only rarely, and usually when travelling.  I know it's possible to plan and pack to avoid road food, and I've done it, but sometimes I eat a double cheeseburger.  Get over it.  So the kids happily munched their meals and I made what I always make when I don't feel like cooking.  Eggs.

Kai Jiao, to be exact.  With sriracha. And mint tea.

I made a dessert.  I haven't decided if I'm going to eat it.  I'll post it though, just in case I do.  Who knows, I might put the kids to bed early and just go to sleep.

Yep.  That's two servings.  I'm porking it up right here.

I have high hopes for a run on Sunday, as long as we don't have a fucking ice storm.  I walked outside today (into the balmy 28 degree morning) and thought "Why am I wearing this coat and hat?  It's so warm." Because my perceptions are totally fucked.  When I left work tonight the air had that damp melty quality usually reserved for spring.  It was weird.  If it's really 38 degrees on Sunday I am breaking out the shorts for my run.  For real.  I'll take a picture of my pasty white thighs to prove it.

This time next week I'll be in Georgia.  Alone.  Sweet, sweet alone-ness.  I need a new knitting project and a new series of books to read pronto.  Suggestions?

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