Monday, January 6, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 12

So it's cold.  Really, really cold.  But my car started, my furnace is working, and I have a shitload of cold weather clothing so I don't care.  School was cancelled for tomorrow which blows.  At this point at least the daycare is still open, but if NWTC closes we're up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

I can tolerate a fair amount of cold (for running I prefer it) and a sick twisted voice in my head whispered "You should go for a run..." this morning.  I'm thinking I might have lasted a mile or so before I had to turn back.  Under normal conditions.  I appear to be sick, so I didn't try it.  I might be stupid, but I'm not dumb.  This morning I woke up at around 3:30am with my throat on fire.  I swallowed a bunch of ibuprofen, turned off my alarm (I was going to get up at 4:30 to go to CF) and went back to sleep.  Lucky for my lazy ass, the gym was closed today which mitigated some of the guilt of not going.  I didn't know they were closed when I decided to wimp out, though...

Today was all about the drinking of mint tea and water.  I only had one cup of coffee, which is probably why I'm so sleepy right now.

 Pretty standard.  Eggs and bacon.  Yawn.

I had leftovers packed for lunch today.  In the midst of my mint tea drinking I had a bowl of homemade chicken soup.
I umm...might have forgotten to take a picture before I ate it.

One of the things I got scolded for last week was not eating enough at mid-day.  I'm generally pretty good about eating to my level of hunger during the day-it's at night I want to eat for no reason-but I was hungry today so I had some chicken salad at lunch time, too.

This salad is so good.  Just crunchy and spicy and sweet and...mmmmm.

My husband was home for dinner again tonight, so he made MEATZA!!  I love meatza.  Beef/pork mixture makes a meaty crust and just top with sauce and vegetables.  It smells, tastes, and eats like pizza without all that shitty crust.

Meatza leftovers are even better the second day!

We put cheese on the meatza for the kids, and my husband eats it, too.  Here's his meatza. He ate it all.  No leftovers for him.  If he takes mine I'm going to pinch him.  Hard.

This is a giant dinner plate, for reference.

I was feeling munchy after dinner.  Just needing something a little sweet.  I dug out the recipe for this mousse for a friend this morning, so I figured what the hell.  I also have some avocados that were rock hard yesterday that were suddenly perfectly ripe this afternoon.  Fickle sons of bitches.

So weird that a banana and an avocado can have such a beautiful relationship.

Right now I'm fighting the urge to make apple cider heavily laced with Winter Jack.  Because I am not a raging alchy.  I am NOT.  

Today I got a free shipping coupon for which is like fucking Christmas.  I love their products but that shit is heavy.  Today I ordered 27lbs of stuff (Coconut oil, raw honey, organic maple syrup, and organic fair trade dark chocolate) which will come to me for no additional shipping charge.  That is a very big win.  Couple of good mark downs as well, and everything I've ever gotten from them is just super high quality and so delicious.  It's the Paleo hook-up.  For real. Go there and order the Canadian Raw Honey.  It is the best tasting honey EVAR.  

Until tomorrow...

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