Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 18

This is my 100th post. Woot.

The last 24 hours have been interesting.  Yesterday afternoon Chuckles decided to barf his guts out.  That lasted for 12 hours as is our usual, and this morning he was his nutjob self again.  Saturday morning I noticed one of his eyes was a little gooey, but he did have a little cold and tends to wipe his nose upward into his eyes.  It seemed to resolve and then, you know, he was puking so I forgot about it.  This afternoon his eyes started weeping nasty shit and turned a lovely shade of pink.  I think Sherwin Williams should develop a shade called pink eye.  It's distinctive and everyone knows what it looks like.  It's be a hit.  So off to Urgent Care we went.  Chuck is one of the most charming children on the planet.  He has a beautiful smile and a whimsical demeanor that just reels people in.  The intake nurse and the rooming nurse were both excessively nice to him and we had a doctor lickety-split.  Yep, it's pink eye, here's a prescription.  Then it was off to giant corpo-pharmacy to get some drops.  I got conned into buying a couple of toys and some cookies and then we were on our way home.

So overall, it was a super fun weekend.

On to the menu!
Scrambled eggs and bacon, pretty standard.

I wasn't sure what the plan was for lunch, but I was making chorizo stew from PaleOMG for tomorrow's breakfast and I figured maybe I'd just have it for lunch today.  I've never poached eggs before, so why not trial run it when I have the time?  So here you have it, spicy chorizo stew with a poached egg.  It was really good!  Kicky, which I like.  

Poaching eggs is....weird.  They look like wobbly aliens.

A friend of mine was looking for a partner for a 5 mile run this afternoon, and since I've been dying to get outside, I quickly agreed.  A couple of clementines were my pre-run snack of choice.

Such teeny little things!

My street was a skating rink, but a large machine was scraping the ice off as we were leaving, so we made it out to the main road pretty easily.  Overall the road conditions were fine, and the clouds broke up and gave us a beautiful sunny afternoon run.  There was a pretty crazy headwind for the first mile or so, but once we turned it was a hefty tailwind which is always great.  I'm so glad I got those miles today.  I felt so great by the time we hit mile 3 I was grinning like a fucking idiot and probably irritating the shit out of my run partner with my relentless chatter.  I had said if it was 38 degrees I would wear shorts.  Well, it was 32 degrees and I wore capris.  Look at my ridiculously meaty legs.  LOOK AT THEM!

These pants are ridiculous, but I love them.

There are two problems with outside running.  One, in the winter time you finish running and feel pleasantly warm.  Then you sit down for a few minutes and you get cold to your bones in a way that is hard to fix.  A hot shower and too many clothes was how I dealt with that.  The other problem is that fresh air makes me hungry.  Very, veeeeery hungry.  But I'm hungry for everything and nothing, so I end up eating a random collection of stuff.

Like pork rinds.

And pomegranates.

And maple coconut "lattes".

I made the maple latte because I was deeply craving something sweet and I knew if I didn't do something with low diet impact I would be up to my elbows in cookies.  It did the trick.  A little sweet, warm and comforting, but nothing shitty.

For supper we tried a new recipe out of Well Fed.  Country Captain chicken.  Chicken thighs, lots of peppers and onions, raisins, and a curry laced sauce with bacon crumbles on top. It was a really nice dish.  Interesting flavor, tender chicken, a winner.  The asparagus was good, too.

If you're Rachel Ray you just got your week's worth of veg in the chicken alone.
Because the only veg she ever uses is onions and peppers.

Now I'm back from our little health care errand and I want to eat.  I'm not sure why, as I'm not hungry, but I have a pretty strong desire to eat.  Must be the stress of the whole child illness thing.  Maybe I'll have a lemon meltaway or two.  There, I blogged it, so if I eat it I didn't lie and pretend I didn't.

Because honesty is important.

Has this prolonged cold snap caused illness to reign terror at your house?  I just keep thinking of us all in here, stewing in our germs for the last 10 days or so.  I need to open a window.  We washed everything that would fit in the washing machine today.  Bathed all the kids, anti-bacterialized all surfaces.  The house is much more presentable now.  If only we could get everyone (me included) back to our usual state of vibrant health.  That would be great.

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