Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 11

Just got done watching the Packers/49ers game.  Kind of heartbreaking, but I'm okay with it.  The Packers had a really bizarre season, and the anxiety of watching nail biter after nail biter would probably have driven me to smash a whole pizza into my face.

I've discovered that I suck at eating on the weekends.  If I don't have something structured to do, I just half ass my meals and if I'm involved in something I put off eating until I'm done with it.  Even if I'm really hungry.  That's a dangerous practice, because it makes me more likely to eat stupid garbage.

Breakfast was frozen toaster waffles (made yesterday).

Easy enough.  Leftovers rule.
The kids had mac & cheese with hot dogs in it for lunch.  I clearly was not going to eat that.  I feel that my kids eat a very balanced diet for the most part.  None of them have food intolerances/allergies, and they are reasonably adventurous.  We only make one dinner for everyone, but lunch on the weekends is sort of a "whatever works" situation.  Usually it's leftovers, but when the leftovers are earmarked for work lunches we improvise.  If all Paleo all the time works for your family, than you are awesome.  My family eats pretty cleanly, but we don't make it an all or nothing.  When I was a kid, my mom was very much "We don't eat white bread!  We only drink diet soda!  We do not eat sugary cereals!" and when I got to college I ate every shitty thing I could cram into my pie hole.  Regular sodas (at one point I was at 8-12 cans of Mountain Dew a day), white bread and fried foods and every other god awful thing I could get my hands on (OH, THE LITTLE CHOCOLATE DONUTS OF IT ALL!!).  I gained 50 pounds my freshman year.  FIVE-ZERO.  I had no idea how to moderate.  I'm trying to teach my kids about variety, about choices, and yes-about how to indulge without losing control of your faculties. 
So while they were eating (Annie's Organic) mac & cheese, I made a Waldorf chicken salad that I love and opened a can of flavored seltzer.  I like the seltzer-just a little something different than plain water from time to time.

I make my own mayo.  This recipe makes 2 servings and I actually managed not
to eat both of them in one sitting.
So this afternoon the kids took a nap and I tried to.  It sort of worked.  I'm still attempting to fight off this stupid virus and my throat is sore and scratchy.  When I came to after my little nap, I was craving something spicy and since none of my dear hunting friends have dropped off any hot sticks (AHEM), I opened up a pack of pepperoni and had a few.

See?  Stupid snacks.  I also had a hard boiled egg.  It peeled reasonably well.
I tried a method for peeling that involved blowing into the peel.  Yeah.  That didn't work.
I did get a mouthful of eggshells, though.
 I wanted to have a crunch snack for the Packer game, so I poured out some pork rinds.  I think I only actually consumed about 5 of them.  My kids ate a few.  Then they lost their luster and I just abandoned them.

That's the same can of seltzer from lunch.  I drink fizzy things slowly.
Also some hot tea.
Dinner was the main event today.  Chili from scratch.  The way my husband makes it changes every time.  Sometimes beans, sometimes not.  Sometimes salsa based, sometimes beer based.  Random collection of spices.  Never the same bowl of chili twice.  Today it slow simmered on the stove for 6 hours.  It was delicious.

I limited myself to one bowl with at little pepperjack cheese.  I don't have a problem digesting dairy,
so I eat it from time to time.
See?  Random. 
The kids don't have school tomorrow, which is annoying.  It's cold.  Sure.  It's winter.  In Wisconsin.  And last time I checked? School is held inside buildings heated with my tax dollars.  They're still being heated tomorrow even though there's no school.  People forget that they as parents can choose to keep their children home if they feel conditions are unsafe.  Sigh.  I'm probably just being an asshole.  That's kind of my thing.
I wonder if the box is open tomorrow...

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