Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 17

Tonight was supposed to be date night with my husband.  We were going out for Frank and Pat's pizza (or it's Cranky Pat's now...or something) and for a little bowling.  We had the sitter, we had the plans, and then we had a barfing 3 year old.  I knew the moment he woke up from his nap with "My belly hurts...." that we weren't going anywhere.  Damn kids, ruining my life.  I'm kidding.  I'm not.

Generally we do barfing extremely efficiently in this house.  You get sick, you barf for exactly 12 hours in convenient 15 minute increments, and you're done.  The kids pretty much go back to normal immediately, if/when the husband and I get it we're 12 hours of barfing and 24-36 hours of "okay but not quite right".  I hear this year's strain is more of a 24 hours of barfing thing, but maybe we'll get lucky.  I'll probably come down with it on the plane to my expensive conference or once I hit the hotel room in a town where I don't know a soul and have no recourse but barfing and relying on room service while my expensive in-person CE trickles through my fingers.  What can I say?  I'm a look-on-the-bright-side kind of gal.

I started today off with the free WOD at 8:15am which means I had time to eat a full breakfast.  I was all about cleaning up left overs today.

Sunbutter/banana waffle sandwich and bacon.

Before I left home I noticed my husband had parked at the bottom of the driveway.  Only he didn't park there-his parked truck slid down the driveway to the road.  Awesome.  But I needed to get to the gym, so he moved the truck and I was on my way.  The roads were mostly okay, but the parking lots and side streets?  Skating rinks. We did a 20 minute partner AMRAP and it involved a lot of squatting, pushups, and planking.  I'm going to hurt tomorrow.  Hopefully I won't start puking (or maybe I should hope I do to get it over with?) or I won't be able to straighten up ever again.  After the workout, I was hungry again.

Last serving of banana pudding with the other half of the banana from the
aforementioned waffle sandwich.

We had some chili left over, but not enough to really be a meal, so I grabbed a gnarly old sweet potato and had a chili tater!  I wasn't sure if it would taste right (with the whole "It's a potato but it's sweet!" thing), but it was pretty good.  Also accomplished getting another container out of my fridge.


I gave the pumpkin spice creamer another go.  I approve, I really do.

Pumpkiny goodness.

I then proceeded to randomly snack for the remainder of the afternoon.

Meat cookies.


A sad old pomegranate that still had a few pretty little jewels inside.

By the time dinner rolled around my son had already spewed all over the table twice (and pretty much everywhere else-on the table always seems particularly heinous), so I was looking for quick.  What I tossed together (to use the last waffle) was sunbutter and golden raisins.  There's cacao nibs on this, too, but they're contribution was minimal.  The sunbutter/raisin combo?  HOLY FUCKBALLS IT'S A PB&J!!!!  I must make these waffles tomorrow so I can eat this over and over and over until I never want to see raisins again.  Holy shit was this delicious.  I was not expecting that.

Like childhood, only less chemical.

I typically do not get this stomach thing.  I did the last time it went through the house, but the previous three or four times I was spared.  I feel as though puking on top of the sore throat/coughing/sinus congestion thing is just unreasonably cruel.  Hooray for the illnesses of cabin fever after a long cold spell.  Somebody shoot me.

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