Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 14

If I don't get out for a run this weekend I'm going to lose my shit.  Seriously.  I am a solar powered machine, and if I don't get light every day I get angry, sad, fidgety, anxious, and snappish.  Working in an office with no window (we seriously have to walk all the way to the other end of the building to see if it's raining) and during every winter daylight hour sets me up for all sorts of issues.  Headaches, insomnia, you name it. I've resorted to going to a tanning bed in the past, just to get 10 minutes of UV light and try to lift my mood a little.  It's been too cold to venture out even for that little bit of "light box" therapy lately.  When I worked second shift I never gave daylight a second though.  I went out for a run 5 or 6 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 4 hours.  Now daylight is at a premium.  When it's not blistering cold out, we try to go for a walk on our lunch, but when it's -50?  Not such a great idea.  The forecast is for a significant warm up on the weekend and I have to get outside.  Another treadmill workout will do me in.

I am loving the days getting longer.  Now instead of pitch black at 5pm when I go home it's twilight.  That better.  One day soon it will still be daytime when I get home, and that will be wonderful.

On to the menu!

I wasn't feeling eggs this morning, but I didn't want full on waffles with syrup either.  So I had a waffle sandwich with sunbutter and half a banana.  This would be a great breakfast on the go.  The sunbutter kept the bananas from sliding around.  You could totally eat it in your car with one hand.  Also bacon.  Duh.  I tried the coffee creamer again, and again-it's not bad.  I don't know that I'll make the effort to make it very often, but it's a nice switch from black coffee here and there.

I bet Elvis would've approved

Lunch was leftover Meatza.  I had several people ask me what smelled so good.  I kind of like the looks I get when I show people my lunch.  My co-workers know my food deal, but the rest of the office staff looks at me like I have two heads.
This shit is delicious.  I don't care who you are.

I was too lazy to think of an afternoon snack, so I grabbed the remainder of one of my jars of banana chia pudding and sliced a banana into it and added some walnuts.  This stuff is really good.  Absolutely nothing to sweeten it except banana, but it's so tasty.

I eat from a jar.  Routinely.

I also found a hard cooked egg in the fridge and figured I'd better eat it.  It peeled ok, just one chunk taken out of the back.  One day I will peel eggs with extreme patience and fortitude.  Maybe. Or not.  Probably not.  I don't do much of anything with extreme patience and fortitude.

Oh hai!  Let's get you undressed.

There was also this chocolate.  No reason.  Just chocolate.

Chocolate should be a food group.  

For supper my husband made Magic Pork.  Ok, it's Citrus Carnitas, but it smells and tastes like magic.  I opened the garage door and the beautiful porky aroma came wafting right out to me.  This stuff is so far past good that there's not even a word.  I imagine this is what braised unicorn would taste like.  

Looks unassuming, but it's a motherfucking party in your mouth.

I was poking through my 21 Day Sugar Detox book for sweetener free "treats", and there are a few good ones.  I made vanilla lemon meltaways to try. I have to be careful not to say "sugar free" because that's a misnomer for a lot of reasons.  If you ask (for example) the clerk and Joe to Go if they have sugar free Chai, she will produce a carton of the most horrific chemical horseshit you have ever seen.  Sweetened with sucralose or some other slow poison.  Unsweetened or Sweetener Free is more specific, and confuses the fuck out of anyone you ask.  As though there is no food/beverage that is made without pumping it full of corn syrup solids or xylitol.  This is why I mostly just order black coffee or hot water in which to plunk my own tea bag.  Don't misunderstand me-I love sweet things.  I just don't need everything to be sweet all the damn time.  

Could I go sweetener/dairy/alcohol free for 90 days?  I might be finding out pretty soon.  

I'll tell you what I can't do:  Go 90 days without some motherfucking sunlight.  Are you solar powered like me?  Activity isn't enough-I need fresh air and sunlight!!

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