Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 38

My ears are ringing.  I spent 12 hours at CFGB hauling heavy shit back and forth, up and down, wash and dry, yadda yadda.  I've never been to a live CrossFit competition, and it was fun to watch.  Trying to make sure everything was ready to go for the next round was a little stressful-you want to get it right and get it quickly and make a good impression for your box.  I think we did a pretty good job, though.  I felt a little guilty because I had to leave before the last men's heat was over...but I was already into my sitter for more than my monthly dues. 

Fortunately no one woke up barfing during the night, but one of my sons decided to crawl into my bed at 3am and treat me like a stuffed toy.  In a way it's cute when a little child grabs your head and squeezes...but it also makes it hard to sleep when he presses his cheek against yours and snores in your ear. 

On to the menu!
The way today was set up made eating really weird.  I stopped at the Blackstone on the way to the box and had eggs and bacon (which of course I didn't photograph).  After arriving, it was pretty much non-stop shifting stuff and waiting, shifting stuff and waiting which was fueled by a big fucking cup of Starbuck's dark.  At around 1pm, we got the word that lunch for the volunteers was available, so I went and grabbed something to cram into my pie hole.  The lunch was tacos.  I don't eat shells, so they became fancy napkins.

The insides were tasty.  I think.  I ate them in 2 minutes flat.

I bought a paleo cookie at the Ice Bowl.  It was good.  It might have been a cheat, but I'm not going to count it as one.  It was medicinal.

The afternoon flew by and before I knew it we were setting up the last WOD and my time was up.  I was 30 minutes late getting home, but the kids were well behaved, so at least the sitter didn't want me dead.  My spawn are generally pretty well behaved for sitters.  Most days I want to duct tape them to the furniture to get five fucking minutes when no one is leaping off the coffee table or kidney punching his mirror image, but they are deeply angelic for babysitters.  

When I got home I was too hungry to consider cooking anything.  There was a leftover chorizo and some peas that were in the front of the fridge.  Winner, winner, sausage dinner.

Somewhat sad, but effective.

Then I mashed this banana pudding into my gaping maw.  It was the last serving.  Now I have to make more.  Balls.


Then because I still felt like I needed to be eating, I made porkitos. Prosciutto baked into chips.  THESE ARE MOTHERFUCKING BACON CHIPS.  If bacon and potato chips made sweet sweet love, the resulting offspring would be porkitos.  Holy shit go make yourself some porkitos.

350 degrees for 12-15 minutes.  Go.  GO NOW.

Now I'm just fucking busted.  I'll be in dreamland before 9pm.  

Congratulations all you people that competed today at the Ice Bowl!  It was inspiring to watch!  I never want to do it (seriously, like ever), but it was pretty awesome to watch you guys do it.  

WOD on.

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