Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 62

This winter can go fuck itself.  Another week of sub zero temperatures and more potential snow.  I could scream.  The Point Bock Run is Saturday, a race that is sometimes snowy but generally mild temperature-wise.  Saturday it is supposed to be 4 in Point.  FOUR.  And that's the high so I imagine it will be a fucking freezing 5 miles followed by too many people trying to push into the tent for beers after the race since being outside will be unbearable.  GAH!

I'm pretty much over any type of goal setting for the Bock Run.  There is no way in bloody hell I'm going to break 48 minutes.  I'll be lucky if I break 55 minutes, especially if the air is knives.  Sigh.  At least it's a pretty course.

I am so stir crazy right now that I'm actually twitching.  Every day I go outside and have my face peeled off by freezing wind.  My skin is so dry I want to rip it off.  I have no idea why I bother combing my hair, since any semblance of neatness is obliterated the moment I step outside by either demon wind or snow.  I would like to go for a walk without needing to wear every piece of knitwear I've ever made, and I would really like to get the kids ready for school without budgeting in 20 minutes for suiting up for Mars.

Ok.  Irrational rant over.  But everyone who doesn't believe in climate change can go outside and sit a spell.  Preferably naked in a snowbank.  It ain't just global warming.

On to the menu!
Breakfast for the kiddles this morning was strawberry pancakes (from scratch, bitches, I don't play Bisquick).  Why strawberry pancakes, you ask?  Because an adorable little man crawled into my bed this morning and asked ever so sweetly "Momma, can we have strawberry pancakes this morning?" and when I asked him how to make strawberry pancakes sat up straight in bed and complete with hand gestures gave me all the steps he perceived to be involved with the making of strawberry pancakes.  It was pretty fucking cute.  He also supervised while I made them.  They were a big hit.

Since I had the griddle out, I made myself some banana walnut pancakes and bacon.  Carbs, fat, and protein.  Balance, baby-I have it.
With schmear of ghee and an eeensy bit of honey.

A little office snack.
Yep.  Apple Cinnamon is my favorite.

Lunch was leftovers.  I'm getting kind of sick of broccoli.  I need to find new and different ways to prepare it.  Candied broccoli, anyone?

Carne Asada and broccoli.  Again.

We went on a field trip for GS today to a local fire station.  The girls had a good time and got to crawl around in the fire trucks.  It was nice of the guys to show us around.  Afterward we came home to pork chops on the grill, which is a great way to end any day. Also had some cauliflower with a little ghee and salt.  Simple and delicious.  I realize that I have consumed a lot of cruciferous vegetables today.  That may not bode well for tomorrow.  Sorry in advance, people I work with.

Again, I think "I should eat some veg."  I am not smart.

I'm pretty full right now, and yet still have the desire to eat.  That probably means I'll be hitting the tub o' dates later.  

Is it really only Tuesday?  Fuck me.

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