Saturday, February 8, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 45

This morning I ran the Seroogy's Valentine 5k.  I had lofty goals of hitting a sub-28 at this race.  As it ended up, that didn't happen.  See?
I crapped out a bit at the end.  

I got a chocolate bar.
I didn't eat it.

And a shirt.  I have a shirt from this run two years ago that might be the weirdest race shirt I've ever gotten.   It was hard to get over my head, big in the body (even though it was a medium), and the sleeves were practically 3/4 length.  This shirt is waaaaaaaaay better.  I'll probably only wear it as a warm-up/throw away, but it's not too bad.  

This race was mentally hard for me.  It was -5 at the start, sunny with a little wind.  I spent the first half mile desperately trying to clear the crowd, but the first mile clocked at 9:20 which was pretty close to my target.  The air was knives and I was having a hard time with my gaiter (namely it kept freezing and requiring readjustment), and that's when my brain started saying "You can't sustain a 9 minute mile.  You're slow!  You're a penguin!  Stop trying to be a damn gazelle!"  I really struggled during the second mile, which is sad because it's probably the prettiest part of the course.  I'm not sure why I do so much negative self-talking during races.  It's something I need to work on.  I finished with a per mile average pace of 9:40/mile.  I wouldn't say I ran this flat out.  I couldn't feel my feet at all, and my hands were numb until the end.  After stopping, I coughed for a long ass time.  I ran hard.  Maybe not as hard as I could, but the conditions were less than ideal and my time was respectable.  Now I need to find a race where maybe the temp could be above zero to set my new PR. 

Once I stopped moving I got very cold very quickly, and hustled home to drink coffee and knit socks.

On to the menu!
Pre-run fueling is tricky.  It has to be enough that you don't cash out, but not so much that you get side stitches or nausea.  I had a waffle sandwich with sunbutter and raisins and it was perfect!!  I ate an hour and a half before race time, which normally would've left me feeling hungry right before, but I wasn't!  Yay!  No picture.  Fail.

I needed something robust for lunch, so I went for beef stew.
Totally hit the spot.

We were invited to the neighbors for a late lunch/early dinner, but I was hungry so I had a little snack before heading over.
I have been eating too many packaged foods lately.

The neighbors had a nice spread of veggies and fruit and veggie chips and salsa type stuff so I had some fruit and such.  I also had some Pisco sours.  Yep.  I had booze. I'm into the club for $20.  It was 100% worth it!  Authentic, delicious, and special.  I was not going to pass that up.  They also made this amazing pork and chicken stew.  It was savory and spicy and wonderful.  This picture is cruddy because I didn't have my phone so my husband took it and emailed it to me.  He does not photograph food with the same loving care that I do.
Terrible shot.

Oh!  There were olives in it, too!  Omnomnomnomnom...we have to get this recipe and make it so I can fucking swim in this stuff.  

We had planned to have breakfast for dinner, so we were going to make paleo benedict with savory waffles.  But then we stayed at the neighbor's until 6:30.  So I'll make that for myself tomorrow.  I'm planning to sleep in a bit, since I'm not going to the gym until 11:30.  I have to take the smalls and the chances of them behaving are better for the Team WOD.  

Now that the Seroogy's is over, my half marathon training schedule begins.  I have an eight miler on the calendar next weekend, which will be my first > 5 mile run in a while.  I need to get a verdict on how many burpees I have to do at each mile to count that as a CrossFit workout...

Back to knitting socks!

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