Monday, February 10, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 47

Today was a good day.  I didn't get to the gym due to my husband's nutty work schedule and an appointment, but I'm pretty sore so I'm going to take the opportunity to stretch, relax, and knit socks.  My right foot is cold.

So I think we're going to get a dog.  Know how we decided?  We flipped a coin.  We've been talking about a dog forever, the kids are finally old enough to help with exercising and caring for a dog, we already knew which breed we wanted, and a breeder that comes recommended by a friend has a litter that will literally be born any minute.  So we hemmed and hawed all day and finally decided to flip a coin.  Since with puppies, like babies, there is no "right time" we left it to chance.  Heads = yes to a dog, Tails = not right now. So as long as they aren't all spoken for, we're getting a puppy.  I'm kind of excited.  I haven't had a dog for a long while, but my daughter has been begging for years and the boys are fine with dogs one on one.  A little skittish with strange dogs, or multiple dogs at once, but getting better (plus they are deeply obsessed with the neighbor's dog).

Yay!  Let the puppy watch begin.

On to the menu!
'Nana pudding, pretty standard.

Since we mostly ate all the leftovers this weekend, I didn't have anything to grab for lunch.  So I went to the cafeteria.  They had grilled portabellas (intended as a sandwich-but bread is out for me), so I got two and a big container of blackberries.  The mushrooms were pretty good.  Nice n' meaty.

Fungus.  Yum.

I ate them all. Shut up.

Tonight was meatloaf night!  My husband makes a mean meatloaf (no grain, of course) and I had a big old slab with a sweet potato.  We were originally going to have cauliflower mash, but the head of cauliflower was kind of yucky (old and rubbery) so I went with plan B.  Now I'm stuffed.  But there's plenty of leftovers for tomorrow's lunch!

Meatloaf, meatloaf, double beet loaf.  I hate meatloaf.  
(If you don't understand this reference I'm not sure we can be friends.)

I have mysteriously lost one of my set of 5 size one needles.  I can adapt the pattern to 4 instead of 5 needles, but I'm perplexed.  I'm sure I'll find it barefoot in the middle of the night.  Tomorrow night we are going to Milwaukee to see Pentatonix at the Pabst.  I'm excited, because I love a capella music and am a huge dork.   Don't fret if there's no entry for tomorrow.  I didn't die.

Socks!  Puppies!  Woo!

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