Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 56

Well, sometime in the undetermined future I'll be making a 180 and continuing my career on the third shift.  As it turns out, you can go home again.  It seems weird to be excited about the graveyard shift, but I've had that gig before and I honestly like it quite a bit.  I'll see my family more than I do now, we won't need any additional daycare, and I'm looking forward to having weekdays off with my husband.  It's been ages since we've played a round of golf.  With the boys on the cusp of school age, I can sleep during school hours with no interruptions.  I'm also looking forward to having time to construct, plant, and harvest a garden!

Ummm, there may be some interruptions.  Looks like we'll be getting a little boy Vizsla in early April!  The deposit is sent and I'm anxiously awaiting baby pictures.  We had initially planned on a female, but in reality it doesn't matter much.  I got a vet recommendation, I'm looking into obedience classes, and we'll be gathering supplies!

On to the menu!
This morning the kids were in good spirits, which is rare enough, but everyone was so slooooooooow getting ready that I didn't have breakfast on the table until 7:05am, which is 15 minutes behind schedule and stresses me out.  As a result I didn't have time to cook my own breakfast, but since we leave the house a bit early on days that Daddy isn't home in the morning, I did have time to hit the hospital cafeteria for some chow.  Thank baby dolphins they take debit cards now!!
Yes, I totally ate all that bacon.

I had a fair amount of stuff to clean up/process this morning, but it all went well and for the second day in a row I had nothing hanging at the end of the day.  It's like I'm living inside some kind of dream.  Snack was a couple of clementines.
These are called Halos.  Weird.

Lunch was last night's leftovers.  About 3 cups of roasted broccoli and some extremely phallic looking kielbasa.  Seriously, I'm going to get flagged for internet porn.  
Paging Anthony Wiener.

Went for a walk after lunch because it was a beautiful, beautiful day and tomorrow is supposed to be a giant clusterfuck of awful weather.  Had a little snack midafternoon.  I actually have quite a few of these left.  I'm a little proud of myself for not gobbling them all down in one sitting.

The dinner menu this week was designed to be broccoli heavy, tonight was broccoli beef from Paleo Indulgences.  This is probably my favorite take-out dish and this recipe is so far and away better than take-out that I'm embarrassed for Chinese restaurants.  Holy balls this is good.  The best. Broccoli Beef. Evar.
Get in my belly.

I had a prune or two after dinner while I was making banana chia pudding for tomorrow's breakfast.  I also indulged in a glass of kombucha.  It's 1.5% alcohol by volume, but is a whole, raw food full of enzymes and probiotics and after all that fucking broccoli my gut can use all the help available.
Citrus kombucha is my fave.

I get to go to 5:15am for the next two days!  Yay!  With luck that means I'll beat the storm tomorrow morning.  I can't find my Nanos, which probably means I left them at the box.  I hope that's where they are, at any rate.  I don't know why I have such a hard time getting a goddamn gym bag together.  That's another habit I need to work on.  

Tonight is bath night.  I love the smell of squeaky clean children, but I really hate washing them.  

I wonder if I could kick up the alcohol content of kombucha if I made my own...

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