Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 60

Holy shit.  60 days!  I can't believe I've actually kept this up for 60 days.  I'm not great at follow-through.  I have about 6 knitting projects on the needles, I always have about 6 books in various states of being read, I haven't practiced my guitar in a really long time...but I've blogged for 60 days!  And I finished a couple of pairs of socks, which is huge for me.  I have second sock syndrome pretty bad.  I'm getting back on the half-marathon training wagon after a lackluster couple of months.  The Polar Vortex killed me.  I'm fine with the treadmill for the occasional short run or speed work, but I cannot face that thing every day.  I can't.  It sucks all the joy out of running for me.

I planned to hit 9 miles today.  If it hadn't been quite so windy or I hadn't been quite so wussy I could've hit it.  When I realized my water bottle was frozen solid I sort of bailed.  I got just shy of 8 and my pace wasn't terrible.  I caught my reflection in the mirror when I was done, and I was a little shocked by it.  I walk around with a picture of myself in my head.  It's probably pretty inaccurate, but I think we all do this.  Well, today I saw myself in three layers of clothes and thought "Holy shit, you can see definition in my legs!  And I'm sort of girl shaped and not as lumpy as I thought!"  It's kind of a cool feeling.  Also I fucking love this Nike shirt.  I love the in-your-face color, I love the zip up mock neck, I love the thumbholes, and it is warm as fuck.  For the record, the top and the pants are both a size large and they fit perfectly. An extra small I will never be. I'm a big woman and I'm not ashamed of it.

The phone matching my outfit is coincidental. 

My other fun discovery is that by eating nothing by real food for the last 2 months, my waist went down an inch.  That's pretty damn great.  My arms/chest measurements are a shade larger and my booty remains the same level of bodacious.  I'm fine with a big backside measurement, I'm just working on shifting the volume to the back.  Seriously, who doesn't like a big booty?  Ass moves mass and all that jazz.

On to the menu!
Breakfast was quick and easy.  I was not in a cooking mood.

Tell me this isn't beautiful.

I went out for my run around 9ish and was back a bit before 10:30.  I chugged a bottle of water and hit the shower.  The problem with running in seriously cold weather is that you feel warm for a while when you're done, and then become chilled to the bone once your heartreat recovers completely.  That's my cue to get in a boiling shower and put on a hoodie.  After my shower I was fucking starving, and yet still pretty lazy.  So, eggs.  Specifically a 3 egg Kai Jiao with 3ish cups of spinach, a shitload of mushrooms, and half a tomato.  Also blackberries.

That is some antioxidant rich shit right there.

Later on I was jonesing for a treat, so I had-you guessed it-an RxBar.  I am enjoying experimenting with these.  I might grab a box of Apple Cinnamon ones for on-the-go eating.

You can really taste the figs, but I don't mind them.

I knit a sock for a bit, did a load of laundry, made a couple of hexipuffs, then watched my husband make dinner.  Kabob Koobideh with roasted tomatoes from Nom Nom Paleo.  This is designed to be skewered on the grill, but we failed at that so we broiled them instead.  The resulting meat tube (HA! MEAT TUBE!) looked for all the world like a turd.  I broke it up a bit for the picture.  It is a very simple flavor, but delicious, especially with the roasted herbed tomato.  Might go for some carmelized onions next time.

Not a turd.

Dessert was a couple of dates.

Costco. Rules.

Now I'm going to sit.  If I'm feeling ambitious I'll start reading my book on puppy training.  Or make a hexipuff.  The children require washing.  I might just stare at the wall.  

With all this veggie eating, and the aforementioned turdesque Kabob, I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite scenes from Scrubs.  I sing it to myself almost daily, as I work in health care, and truthfully:

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