Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 43

I am thisclose to eating a jar of lemon sandwich cookies tonight.  I fucking love lemon sandwich cookies.  I had to open a bag for the kids and I got some on me and I practically went all Gollum and the goddamn Precious.  

My name is Amy, and I am a hopeless sugar addict.  

On to the menu!
I made banana chia pudding last night so I'd have it for breakfast this morning.  When I first started making this dish, it was as a substitute for the yogurt based breakfasts I used to enjoy.  At this point I'm making it for the enjoyment of it.  I like having a non-egg option for breakfast (even though there are eggs in the recipe).

It's starting to taste decadently sweet, even though there is zero added sugar.
Just bananas and love.

For a snack I finished up yesterday's pineapple.  I love pineapple.  I will eat it until the inside of my face hurts.  If I lived in Hawaii I would eat it until I died of acute pineapple intoxication.

I heart you, you prickly inhospitable bitch of a fruit.

I mentioned yesterday that the beef stew recipe made a lot.  So I ate a shitload of beef stew for lunch.  I really like the zucchini and olives in this.  I'm not sure what about the spice mixture makes this so unique, but this dish has enough umami no knock you on your ass.  

Toasted "biscuit" on the side for sopping up the remaining  juice.
I'd drink it, but I'm a fucking lady.

A couple of prunes fixed a sweet craving this afternoon.

I got a pit today.  It was alarming and sad.

It was leftover night for dinner and there was still some sloppy joe from last week.  I heated up a paleo "bun" and had an open faced sandwich.  This recipe is really veggie heavy.  It looks like standard stuff, but the onion, tomato, and red pepper make it a really nice meal.

Manwich can suck it.

I need to get out my knitting pronto so I don't go back to the cupboard and eat my weight in cookies.  Does anyone else fight this?  Is there a cookie rehab somewhere I can visit that will give me Ativan for the cookie DTs?  Maybe I need to hit bottom first-working the corner for Oreos and Nutty Bars?

I will not eat cookies.  I will not eat cookies.  I will not eat cookies.

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