Friday, February 7, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 44

Ahhh...Friday.  Now that I work a day job, Friday actually has meaning.  You know, when I'm not on call.  Tonight I don't have a thing to do except knit socks, which is lovely.  Tomorrow I have a 5k that ends with cheese and a candy bar.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that stuff.  If I finish up quickly and can get out easily I'm going to try to hit up a CrossFit benefit for a local family that lost their home in a fire.  Balls out 5k followed by a 3 part WOD?  Sounds fun!

My initial goal was to run a PR 5k on Saturday.  That was before I got sick for 3 weeks and caught vomit for another two.  I still think I have a PR in me...the temps appear favorable and it's been dry which means the roads should be clear.  My plan is to just go and run this fucking thing flat out.  Lungs burning, leg pumping, flat out.  I have never run a race at 100% effort.  That sounds like such a pansy thing to say, but it's true.  Well, Saturday I'm going to see if I can leave it all out on the course for real.  Maybe.  If I don't chicken out.

Last night I ended up with a bed full of toddlers.  One of my boys woke up at midnight and decided to get dressed.  Then he crawled into bed with me, fully dressed, and promptly fell asleep.  The other one ended up curled up on my pillow at about 3am.  They at least had the decency to give me a little space for once.

On to the menu!
I had to hustle out the door today to do some early compounding, so I just made a waffle sandwich that I forgot to photograph.  I mashed it into my face, chugged a cup of coffee and pretty much ran out the door when my husband got home.  I did feed the children.

I dove into my desk drawer for a snack mid-morning. Unsulphered apricots are a very ugly fruit.  Very, very tasty however.  I ate so many of these I'm pretty sure my small intestine will explode once they fully rehydrate.

Why are so many healthy foods so ugly?

Since I pretty much flew out the door, I grabbed what was handy.  Banana pudding for lunch?  Why not.  It's super filling and also loaded with fiber.  I probably shouldn't have eaten all those apricots.

Like dessert, but not.

Dove back into the drawer for a snack this afternoon.  I wasn't hungry.  I was bored.  I'm trying to to eat just because I'm bored, but it happens.

Larabars are pretty ugly, too.

I totally forgot that tonight was Moo Shoo pork night.  I can't begin to describe how excited I was to walk into the house and smell this cooking.  My husband is the best cook ever, and I scarfed down a big bowl of porky, hoisin, cabbagy goodness.  

Get in my already distended belly.

So if you're keeping score, I had a shitload of dried fruit, a substantial portion of chia seeds, and a big bowl of cabbage.  I may win this stupid 5k with the unfair advantage of jet propulsion.  Put another way, I'm gassy.  Really, really gassy.  Almost comically so.  I'm already prone to the running farts, so this race could be really toxic to the people lined up behind me.  Hee hee.  Behind.

Think I'll make myself a nice cup of cinnamon tea, knit a sock, and fart for a while.

Friday night at its best. 

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