Friday, February 21, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 58

Fridays are old school music days.  It starts at 5:15am at the gym and just goes all day.  I heard songs today I haven't heard in 15 years and it was awesome.

Tomorrow is the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics (at the Watering Hole on Velp-go donate) and also cookie pick up for Girl Scouts.  Saturday is cleaning and laundry as usual and Sunday I have my fingers and toes crossed for the sunny, 20 degree day that is forecasted because I have a 9 miler to do and I'd like to do it in non-shitty weather.  Mama needs some fucking solitude.

On to the menu!
I had a banana on the way to the gym.  Breakfast was eggs and bacon (I know, I know, no carbs...blah blah blah).

Tried and true.

A friend asked me about RxBars.  I told her we sold them at the gym, but I'd never had one, so I picked a few up for her and a few for me to try.  It's always good to have options, and these are a little more substantial than a Larabar.  Still packaged food, which I'm trying to eliminate, but certainly better than some other options.  This one was good.  Smelled like a blueberry muffin, nice soft texture, and fairly filling.  I shared part with a co-worker and part with my husband.  I still didn't finish the thing, but it was tasty.

Does your Larabar even lift, bro?

Went out for lunch because...well, we needed to get out of the office.  I had a buffalo burger and sweet potato fries which were pretty damn awesome.  I didn't finish them all.

Buns are for pansies.

I hit Costco yesterday and got a huuuuuuuuge container of blackberries for not very much money.  I had a few of them for a snack this afternoon.
Sweet, tart, and perfect.

Finished up at the office and headed home.  The kids get treated to McDonald's for on-call Friday nights.  I wasn't about to eat that shit and saw a recipe for bacon wrapped scallops from Against All Grain just before heading home.  I had scallops, I always have bacon, so I gave them a go.  They were fucking phenomenal.   I roasted some brussels sprouts with balsamic.  They got a little dark, but were pretty tasty.  I like roasted veggies-makes the flavor deeper.  

Bacon wrapped scallops are Jesus' favorite.

I was very, very full after this meal.  So I had a couple of glasses of probiotics.

I haven't had booze in a while.  Let's get silly on fermented tea.

I didn't hit 6 cups of veggies today.  I got about 3.  I'm having a hard time with 6 cups-it's causing me a fair amount of gastric distress.  I have a long run on Sunday, so I'm not going to eat a huge amount of veg tomorrow.  Why?  Have you ever been 5 miles from home and felt the gut drop that means you're about to shit your pants?  No?  Well, it's not fun and I'm not going to take that chance.  I'll make up for it after I'm done.  Running = jostling = gastric emergency.  No.

I got an email from our breeder!  Complete with 3 weeks of baby pictures.  Holy balls these puppies are cute.  Next update should be Monday, and our new addition will come home the first week of April. Hopefully some semblance of Spring will be making an appearance by then.  

It'll be early to bed for me tonight-still playing catch up from Wednesday.  Last night I was pretty well comatose by 9:15 and I slept the sleep of the exhausted until my alarm went off at 4:20.  At that point I came to thinking that noise means something...but...what?  What does it mean?  Fortunately, I remembered.

Oh baby youuuuuuuuuu, got what I neeeeeeeeeeeed.  But you say he's just a friend....

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