Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 53

Well, we're not getting a puppy.  At least not from the initial breeder we contacted.  She doesn't feel comfortable placing puppies in homes with children under 5.  I don't understand completely, but she does what she feels is best for her dogs and I can't fault her for that.

We put some feelers out to other breeders, asking first and foremost if they will place dogs in homes with children under 5.  Lesson learned.

I spent the entire morning at CrossFit today.  It was super fun and painful.  The early WOD was a non-stop 1 hour crazypants everythingallatonce kind of thing.  It was...tiring.  Then we went out for a run in the brilliant sunshine.  It wasn't cold, but there was some uuuuuggggllllly wind and the road was really mushy.  We made 3.5ish miles and called it.  I couldn't get any traction and on an uphill my quads started twitching.  That was weird.  Came back for the club meeting wherein we were given the assignment to eat 6 cups of broccoli per day.  Yup.  6 cups.  I'm going to liberalize that to 6 cups of veggies a day.  I need to eat more veg.  I've got protein and fat on lockdown (I eat a lot of fucking fat.  Like a lot.) but I need to up the veg, so off to the grocery store I went.  I stayed for the Team WOD in which I racked 145# on bruises from Friday.  I look like someone very angry punched me really hard right in the collarbone.  Keepin' it classy.

Ignore the bread.  I don't eat it.

I did 95% of my grocery shopping in the produce and spice aisles.  That is a good feeling.  I was also wearing my CFGB jacket while I filled two huge bags with broccoli.  I hope I was a good billboard.  I did catch my reflection in the mirror on the way into the store, and my ass looked pretty fab in these jeans today.  

On to the menu!
I ate a big breakfast today in anticipation of a big workout.  I'm glad I did.  I wouldn't have made it through that WOD on a banana.

Look Grant!  Fruit!

After the WOD I mashed a banana into my face before running.

Love me a pre-run 'nana.

After the run and before the team WOD I had some "granola" bars.  Well, I only ate about one bar worth.  These are what was left in the bag when I got home.  I ate them.

They might have been in the bottom of my bag.

Then I fucked up and sort of ate nothing until dinner.  Yes, that was not a smart thing.  I just...wasn't hungry.  At all.  For hours.  My body is so stupid.  

Dinner was Rogan Josh, a dish with a flavor I can only describe as sexy.  It is rich and meaty in a dark and spicy way.  It takes you to another place, somewhere smoky with belly dancers or some shit.  This recipe is out of Well Fed and we've made it several times with pork.  This time we made it with beef (because that's what we had).  I think I prefer the pork, but the beef was pretty fucking great too.  I had mine over cauliflower rice.  Can I just sing the praises of cauli rice for a second?  That stuff is versatile as fuck.  I don't even like cauliflower and I eat it all the time.  It absorbs the flavor as well as, if not better than, regular rice.  I've also eaten this dish over a sweet potato and that is also perfectly delicious.  

Take me, Josh.

For a little sweet treat I had a few prunes.  Now I'm kind of stuffed.

Candy.  Candycandycandycandycandy.

So I'll be back to the gym tomorrow, since it works out that way in my schedule.  I'll be pretty surprised if I can get out of bed without groaning.  Having that wakeup call at 4:20 pretty much guarantees groaning.  I really want to finish my sock tonight, but I've got about 2 hours worth of work left on it and I don't think I can stay up that late.  

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a 36 year old mother of three bruised and sore.

Wait.  What?

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