Monday, February 24, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 61

Ah, Monday.  I didn't make it to the box this morning.  I probably could have, but it's the husband's work day which means I'm working out under the gun.  It sounds stupid to say that I don't like to work out under a time crunch since I do CrossFit, but I hate feeling time pressured when I'm done.  Gotta get out by no later than 6:10am so I can make it home by 6:30 so husband can leave immediately for work and I can have kids dressed and breakfast on the table by 6:50 so I can get in the shower and get dressed for work and eat breakfast and have everyone in their snow clothes and out the door by 7:30 so girl child can get to school and boys can get to daycare and I can get to work by 8:00am.  Whew.  The Open starts this Friday and I'm already stressing out about how I'm going to get to the box for the WOD.

I like my workouts open-ended.  As in, I go to the box for 5:15 and since the husband is off I can get my full skill work, workout, core work, and stretch with a little time to shoot the breeze...home around 6:45...have a nice home cooked breakfast...hit the shower after...traipse off to work lalalalalalalaaaaa.  I feel the same way about going for a run.  I don't like time constraints.  I just want to go and know that whenever I get back is cool.

Simply put, I hate rushing.  Rushing makes me feel...itchy.  For this reason I tend to be prepared for every contingency in a regimented kind of way.  If you are prepared for everything, then nothing is a surprise, and there is no need to rush or panic.  I think that because my professional life involves rushing on a fairly regular basis gottafillthatscriptgottamakethatbaggottagetthatorderout I don't want my personal life to be rushed at all.  Especially the things I do for recreation.  My workouts, my runs, my knitting, my reading.  This is also why I'm perpetually early for everything. When you leave the house with a shitload of time, you never have to rush.

Now that you've had a glimpse into my peculiar neuroses...

On to the menu!
Breakfast was a lazy one.


Lunch was leftover spaghetti squash and sauce.  Pretty damn delicious the second time around.

I'll be making this again.

Picked up the kids and came home to the smell of magical meat in the form of Carne Asada.  This recipe is awesome because it boils down to "Coat meat with spices. Toss in slow cooker.  Turn on."  Hard to beat for simplicity.  It's also fucking delicious.  We usually make this with round steak, which is a pretty cheap cut, but slow cooking makes it incredible.  Today we were using up the last package of round steak and a couple of sirloins to make way for the new cow carcass.  We did a pretty awesome job of cleaning out the freezer.  And if eating a huge pile of magical meat is what I have to do to contribute, I'm willing to do it.

Also a fuckload of roasted broccoli.  Again.

Oh yeah.  I had one of these tasty bitches as well.
These things are really filling.

I'm definitely packing a few of those babies for Ragnar.  Breakfast in a bag.

If I'm feeling peckish later I might mow down a handful of macadamia nuts.  I bought a huge bag of them at Costco the other day.  They are extra awesome combined with the medjool dates I bought a huge container of at Costco the other day.

It's more likely that I won't be able to cram any more food into my gaping maw on top of all this broccoli.  

Now for a rousing game of Hello Kitty Rummikub with the kiddles.  I'm pretty excited about it.

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