Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 40

My sock yarn came!  My sock yarn came!  This is going to be brief, because...you know...socks don't knit themselves.

Breakfast was eggs and bacon.  You know what that looks like.

I went to the cafeteria for lunch today and had the winter salad.  Nice roast turkey but with apples and grapes and walnuts and craisins.  I picked out the walnuts and craisins because they're sweetened.  I ate most of the lettuce, but I forgot when I bought it that I really don't dig fruit and lettuce combos.  People love that shit, but it's always struck me as vaguely yucky.

It's pretty, but no.

It's not that I don't like fruit.  I do.  I just don't like lettuce + fruit.  

See? Fruit.

I didn't eat the honeydew melon.  That shit tastes like styrofoam.  

Dinner was roasted chicken and a sweet potato, I had planned on finishing up the sprouts, but they seemed to have gone over, which is sad.  

Needs some greens.

I plan to be busily knitting socks for the next several hours which means I probably won't eat any more tonight.  Knitting is a single minded thing for me.  I can tune out virtually anything in the throes of a really good pattern.

I need to make some banana chia pudding.  It might happen, it might not.  Jury's out.

Tomorrow I'm going to the box for 5:15am.  Some of you bitches better be there!

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